About Aly

My name is Alison and I am the “Aly” of Aly Baseball.  As I have mentioned before, I started this blog so that I could have an outlet to write about my love of and frustration with baseball.  (Just be glad that I didn’t decide to start an Alice in Chains or Queens of the Stone Age blog… :P) 

I love writing, baseball, music, food, photography, movies, pop culture, and sleep.  I also like silly stick figure cartoons, absurd exaggerations, photographs of bubbles, run on sentences, making plans to throw professional athletes, musicians, and actors into my harem, and grossly unscientific graphs (but only when it is meant to be funny… the graphs that are meant to compare factual information that are misleading are NOT amusing).  This blog is my way of trying to combine all of these loves, with the emphasis on baseball, photography, writing, and harebrained graphs.  Hopefully this piques somebody’s interest at some point… Writing for a living FTW!

I love the Atlanta Braves in a very much unreasonable fashion and I love the Toronto Blue Jays almost as much.  Watching baseball was an activity that, as kids, my brothers and I shared with our grandfather, and Atlanta was definitely OUR team.  Any Atlanta sports team, really, is OUR team.  So naturally, I’m a lifelong Braves fan who basically thinks that the Braves are the best team EVER in the history of the world.  I pretty much will not hear a single word against any Braves player without bristling with annoyance (unless it’s pretty much obvious that said player is a douchebag).  The same goes for the Blue Jays.  I have a soft spot for former Braves and former Jays, usually with the exception of players who choose to go to the Yankees (ex. I love/hate AJ Burnett, but I pretty much despise Mark Teixeira, and I still adore Andruw Jones).  

Although I do not expect anybody to take what I say on this blog seriously, I do realize that one never does know who is reading or commenting, due to the anonymity that the Internet provides.  (Translation:  I am not a “1337 H4x0r,” I can’t find out who is reading my blog, anybody could be doing it, conspiracy, oooooooh.)  With that in mind, I just wanted to go ahead and say this:  I am a fan.  I am not a cleat chaser.  I am not a stalker.  I do not want to steal anybody’s husband/boyfriend/sugar daddy. 

But I’m still probably going to talk about, among other things, the baseball-player-in-question’s bum.