About This Blog

This is a blog dedicated to ramblings about baseball, particularly about the the Atlanta Braves with a large helping of the Toronto Blue Jays.   I started this blog so that I would not drive my friends crazy with my almost constant chatter about the Braves and the Blue Jays.  Later I invited a few friends who are also baseball fans to contribute a few posts whenever they liked (which turned out to be “not very often”).  This is a place for me to air my grievances or trumpet my delight with my teams, hopefully with healthy doses of sarcasm, whimsiness, and earnestness.  I plan to keep this blog fun (and funny), with some statistical analysis (of the VERY scientific variety), some graphs and charts (also very science-y), and lots of pictures (complete with scientific labels/captions). 

That’s it.  Hope you enjoy reading my ramblings, and please feel free to comment with ramblings of your own!  (No, really, please do.  I love feedback!)  But no nasty/mean comments, please.  

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.