10 April 2010

Ode to the Braves Pitching Staff

Note:  So I lied when i said I was going to sleep.  I decided to take this unfinished post from my LiveJournal and post it over here.  I started this post during the Phillies/Nationals game while I was at work waiting for the Cubs/Braves game to begin (04/08/2010).  I just figured, though I haven't finished it, it'd still make more sense for it to be over here.  :)

I love baseball.  Love it, love it, love it.

I've gotten to the point where I will even watch other teams play now.  And let's not mince words here.  I pretty much hate every team out there.  Except for the Braves and the Blue Jays.  Occasionally, I'll even admit to liking the Mariners (Suzuki Ichiro, Felix Hernandez, and Cliff Lee... drool.  Also, Casey Kotchman; but they did designate Ryan Langerhans for assignment, boo), Giants (Tim Lincecum is SICK! and then there's Renteria), and... very grudgingly... the Red Sox (two words:  Marco Scutaro.  And Jacoby Ellsbury is so hot.  So so so hot).  But if the Giants play us?  I hate them.  If the Mariners or the Red Sox play Toronto?  I hate them.  And if the Blue Jays play the Braves?  Sit down!

Currently, I am watching the Phillies @ Nationals game.  The Nats got an early lead on Kendrick, which gives me a sick twisted pleasure, because... even though it's still early in the season (it's just a baby, really)... if the Nats can win against Phillies starting pitching (besides Halladay, of course), then we've got nothing to worry about.  Plus, Atlanta's starting rotation is one of the best in the league.  We've got 3 very good vets (Derek Lowe, Tim Hudson, and Kenshin Kawakami), Hudson being the awesomest of the three.  And then, there are our young guns, Jair Jurrjens (Smiley Brave) and Tommy Hanson (Big Red Brave).

[of course, as I was typing all this, the Phillies have now loaded the bases with one out... and Jimmy Rollins is up.  Great.  Come on, Nats.  Update:  *smirk* They managed to score one run.  So now it's tied.  And both teams are using their bullpens.]

Our bullpen is strong as well.  Long/Middle relievers Kris Medlen (Babyface Brave, who can spot-start), Jo-Jo Reyes (not my favorite guy, but had formerly been a starter), and Eric O'Flaherty (Walla Walla Brave, and awesome at what he does!).  Set-up men Peter Moylan (can't decide between Aussie Brave or Sidewinder Brave... guy's gotten more and more consistent) and Takashi Saito (he's hunchy when he pitches... I dub him Hunchy Brave).  SO GOOD!!!

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