17 May 2010

My Babies Are Back!

I haven't posted in two weeks.  That being said, what could I really say in response to a nine game losing streak?    We were swept by both the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Although I will contend that for the Mets game that was called in 6 innings due to the rain (Hanson vs. Pelfrey), we totally would have come back from that.  Lucky NY jerks.

We seem to have turned things around a bit.  After that horrific 9-game losing streak, we hurried home and swept the Houston Astros.  I went to the Saturday game with Thomas and Lauren (pictures to follow when I am not lazy).  Houston scored first (we were late because I had faulty information about transportation and also contact lens trouble)... but Tim Hudson allowed nothing after that.  By the time Hudson was pulled in the 7th inning (6 2/3 IP), we were up 6 to 1.  We scored 4 more runs in the 7th inning, just to drive the nails a little deeper into the coffin.  Troy Glaus was 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs.  Can you believe our own fans booed him?  Attaboy, T-Roy, for shutting them up!  <3

The plan was actually to go to the Sunday game with Billy the next day, but instead we went to the Hawks game (since it was Game 7... and at the same time as the Braves game).  I love the Braves, but an early  regular season baseball game vs. game 7 of the first round of the playoffs?  The decision was made for me there.  And Atlanta did not disappoint:  the Hawks won by 21 points (74 to 95, vs. Bucks) while the Braves won 7 to 1.  Brutal beat-downs.

With rejuvenated confidence, the Braves were back on the road... first to Washington and then to Philadelphia.  The results were not pleasing.  So you can see why I, again, did not post.  I can only spend so much energy being angry, you know.  I don't care that the Nationals are a good team this year.  I don't care that they are suddenly now challenging the Phillies for first place in the NL East.  We lost both series, though.  Some of the games were even close... but still, taking 1 game out of a 3 game series for 2 series isn't exactly a winning combination.

Oh, but then we went to Milwaukee.  The Braves got out their brooms... and sweep, sweep, sweep.  We Hanson-Hudson-Lowe'd it.  Milwaukee who?  We just kicked the crap out of them, complete with a grand slam from one Martin Prado (a career first).  What a fantastic player.  Anybody who wants to argue with me about whether or not Martin Prado is good should get ready to receive the biggest verbal ass-whuppin' of their lifetime.  :P  (And yes, someone has actually argued with me about Martin Prado.... wake up, genius.  The man is an All-Star.  And I'm going to to single-handedly send him to the game if I have to.  J-Hey may be the big name and the new face of the Braves... but Martin Prado is the guy who is work-horsing it, and doing it in stellar form.)

Speaking of which:  Vote for Martin Prado and the Braves to go to the All-Star Game!  Remember, you can vote 25 times per email address (I've got 8; yes, 8)!!  If anybody deserves to be an All-Star, it's our own Martin.  <3 <3 <3

Meanwhile, up north... Toronto has been surprisingly good, in spite of the fact that Doc is no longer playing for them.  (What gives, boys?  Why couldn't you produce these numbers when you had Doc?  For an entire decade?  :P)  They've been winning series after series, being very offensively consistent.  Attaboys!  Tear it up!!

(will finish later)

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