10 July 2010

Really, Seattle? Really??

So, I don't really keep up with the Mariners.  But I do like several of their players (e.g. Casey Kotchman--former Brave, Suzuki Ichiro, Felix Hernandez, Ken Griffey, Jr., and yes... Cliff Lee).

And I had meant to write about the Cliff Lee trade rumors yesterday, but I felt that it was more relevant to talk about Yunel.  Plus, my blood was boiling over anyway, because trading Yunel would just be stupid.


Let me just disclaim this ahead of time.  I, in no way, support anything that would benefit our division rivals or the New York Yankees.  Mostly because I love the Braves and I'm completely unreasonable and/or irrational about this love.  I love them in about the same way I love Alice in Chains.  Except Alice in Chains is 4 guys (and a deceased guy) who play music and the Braves are... well.  They're a baseball team, and I love most of the former players, too.

Right.  There I go rambling again.

Cliff Lee.

The Seattle Mariners traded Cliff Lee to the Texas Rangers yesterday, right before he was to start for the M's against the Yankees.  I mean, guys... really.  Couldn't you have done everybody in the league a favor... and finalize the trade AFTER he pitched (and won) against New York?

So the Rangers ended up getting him.  And this irritated me, but I guess it's better than the Yankees getting him, because really... that would have been awful.  Just awful.  And is it any wonder that they were after Lee?  He has dominated them this season and dominated them during the World Series.

Which leads to my other point.  WHY would Seattle trade him after acquiring him from Philadelphia and playing him for less than half a season?  He's been stellar.  All Seattle has to do is score one run, and he takes care of the rest.  Because he is THAT good.

All of that... leads to a very important question:  Why did the PHILLIES trade him to Seattle in the first place?  For prospects?  I mean, I know that they pursued Roy Halladay and failed to get him and Cliff Lee was their second choice.  But look how well that turned out for them?

They acquired him at the trade deadline and then Cliff Lee went to work.  He started 12 games for Philadelphia, winning 7, losing 4, 1.13 WHIP, and 3.39 ERA, including 3 complete games and a shutout.  (One of those losses, by the way, that I can't help mentioning was to the Braves with our own D-Lowe pitching.  Just saying.)  During the postseason (where he was very casual and nonchalant, yet stellar and dominating), he started 5 games, with 4 wins and no losses, 0.82 WHIP, 1.56 ERA, and 2 complete games.

So you look at these numbers and you wonder... why isn't he still in Philadelphia?  Answer:  Because they acquired LeRoy Harry "Doc" Halladay III from the Blue Jays during the off-season.  But that's a terrible answer!  Philadelphia could have had this for a rotation:

  1. Roy Halladay, RHP
  2. Cliff Lee, LHP
  3. Cole Hamels, LHP
  4.  and 5.  whoever makes these two spots -- JA Happ, Kyle Kendrick, Joe Blanton, or Jamie Moyer
But look at those 3 starters!  Even though I like to pick on Cole Hamels a lot, he's not a bad pitcher (he just isn't as good as our starters--sorry, couldn't help myself).  

That's 2 Cy Young Award winners right there.  Both of whom have pitched in the AL.  On one team.  In the National League East.  With the Atlanta Braves.  A sigh of relief for us, but I bet Philadelphia is kicking themselves right now.  Right in the face.

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