13 July 2010

Cute All-Star Related Things (sort of)


Omar Infante, on learning of All-Star Selection:
"When my phone rang at 8:30 this morning, and the caller ID said 'Frank Wren,' I thought I had been traded.  I was really nervous, very shook up.  When Frank told me, I thought he was joking, but it is a great honor."

He's so cute.  I can't stand it.

Random useless information I've decided to share:  I like the number 4.  Have you noticed?  Most of my favorite players have "4" in their numbers.  Martin Prado (14), Omar Infante (4), Roy Halladay (34--though he spent most of his career as 32), Kris Medlen (54)... I mean, there are the guys with 4s in front of their numbers (e.g. Tommy Hanson, 48; Jair Jurrjens, 49), but really, I like the guys with numbers ending in 4.  So for Chinese people, "4" is the scary number, the number to be avoided.  It sounds like "death" in Chinese (and also Japanese), but luckily, I don't believe in superstitions like this.  I was born on a "4."  :)

Also, the NL team is STACKED.  Ubaldo vs. Price?  Please, AL... you are going down.  I don't care if you DO have Papi and Wells and Bautista (even though I love me some Jays).  We've got awesome awesome guys on OUR team (and lots and lots from the NL East, REPRESENT!).  

Check out the pictures from :  http://twitpic.com/photos/MLB

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