24 July 2010

Speaking of Being Proud

(Ross D. Franklin/AP)

Kelly hit for the cycle last night!!  My first real Braves crush.  <3  He has been doing so well, and I am so very happy for him.  It's too bad that Arizona was unable to beat San Francisco in spite of Kelly's awesome feat (he's the 4th in the franchise to hit for the cycle, and the 3rd in the league for the 2010 season).  So even though it may have seemed like it was all for naught, Kelly, your fans salute and congratulate you!  You're doing great, and we miss you!  :)

As I have mentioned before, I grow rather attached to my boys.  And so, even though I would NEVER give up Martin (who gives up their fiance, hello?), it was still a little bittersweet when he won the job of starting second-baseman, and Kelly wasn't tendered a contract.  I loved/love Kelly, and I wish him all the best.

All former Braves players will pretty much always be Braves in my eyes.  Except maybe Texeira.  But that's mostly because I see him and I see "YANKEE" not "Brave."


^Remember that?  That was a pinch-hit grand-slam.... ^

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