08 August 2010

A good day

We'll start out with the obvious and save what might be the sweetest for last. To begin, the Braves game was awesome in just about every way. But going into today's game, I was very, very worried. It's only natural, of course; after you see your team with a 7 game lead in the division in the second half of the season, and that makes you feel so good, when that lead dwindles down to a 2 game lead while the @#$%@#$% Phillies catch fire is very disheartening, and the feeling that everything is crumbling starts to creep in, even while the team is still ahead in the division. But Tim Hudson sent all of us panic-ridden fools a message, that he, and the other unbelievable pitchers on this team, are doing just fine. The offense is struggling these days, you say? No worries; we just won't let them score any runs. That always works (unless you're Harvey Haddix). Oh, and Billy Wagner? Struggling, too? Three strikeouts in ten pitches tonight. As flustered as we were by his recent shaky outings, he wasn't. And Troy Glaus, who's hit abysmally since the all-star break, had a clutch single for two RBIs. What was I worried about, again? I love this team.

Perhaps I spoke too soon about saving the sweetest for last, but this little tidbit is hard to compete with. I don't care what anybody says, but if you are a Braves fan, and you boo Jeff Francoeur, you are an asshole. You're ragging on a guy for hitting the rookie wall and having difficulty adjusting in one of the very most competitive environments in all of sports. But, those of you who emotionally wound me by booing Frenchie have, admittedly, made it much, much more satisfying that we owe him grattitude for the run that gave the Phillies a loss today. The game-winning HR against the Braves is totally forgiven in my book, because we won that series and we desperately needed the Phillies to lose. I don't have any sentimental attachment to Johan Santana, but it hardly needs mentioning that he deserves some credit for the Phillies' loss as well, so well done, sir. But most of all, thank you, Frenchie, for helping us get a game back on the Phillies. I, for one, will always be pulling for you (except against the Braves, of course).

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