10 October 2010

Phillies vs. Braves: Game 2 (02 OCT 2010)

This is my second to last regular season game.  And yes, I went to it by myself.  And yes, I was standing for most of the time.  And yes, I went to batting practice.  My knees and ankles hurt just thinking about this.  Bobby Cox Day... I had to get photos!  (I got no good photos of Greg Maddux or Andres Galaragga, though.)

Onto Braves BP.  Phillies BP didn't appear to happen, or... for some reason they took the field before the Braves.  Not sure, don't care.  I only care about DOC.
Peter Moylan cracking up.

"Optical Illusion": Freddie
Mike Dunn.  :P

Craig Kimbrel, future Atlanta Braves closer
Right-handed version of Billy Wagner!

That Derek Lowe picture doesn't really seem all that interesting.  It isn't.  But the story behind it is amusing.  He was running as though he was fielding a fly ball, pretend jumping/crashing into the wall, and then "bouncing" away from the wall, and hauling back and pretend throwing to the infield.  He did this several times, and lots of the coaches and players were laughing at his antics.  It was awesome.

Bobby Cox Ceremony!  I have several more photos, but they're not all that great.  I'll go through and fix them and pick out some more to post later.  For now, please enjoy these!

#6 for Bobby

A little mishap before the ceremony began... 
Chipper, representing the players, taking the podium
Y'all.  As much as I am not the biggest Chipper Jones fan, I recognize that he is the Braves vet and de facto team leader.  And here, when he told Bobby that, "I've been trying to make you proud for twenty years," with his voice threatening to break, I about started to bawl right where I was standing.  [Eat it, grammar rules.  Run on sentences are awesome.]  Of course, before that moment, he had to go and add some comedy gold to my memory:  Peter Moylan dancing in his birthday suit.  See below for team reactions.

I don't have photoshop, and MSPaint will just have to do.

The man, himself, Bobby Cox!!

Standing Ovation!

"... in large part because of these guys here..."

Phil Niekro + Hank Aaron!
So the game started...  Tommy Hanson vs. some Phillies pitcher.  :P

What are they doing?

JC + Meds HUG

Less Velociraptor-like. 

Brooks Conrad:  Not a Velociraptor

Tommy Hanson pitching animated gif.  :)

Ryan Howard

Derrek Lee 


EOF is pretty

Look.  At.  Those.  Gorgeous.  Shadows.  And.  Lights!

He is beautiful.  End of story.

Braves lost.  Tommy did so well, too.  Demoralizing?  Yes.  But of course I would be back the next day... with an actual seat this time!  :)

I love the Braves.

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Lauren T. said...

You know what's wrong with this pic, besides me not being in it? THE DIP CAN. >:( Otherwise, it's a perfectly lovely and wonderful shot. ;)

I'm in love with so many of your shots from this game; I'm out of words. All I can say is PIMP JUICE, baby! PIMP JUICE. That's the highest compliment I can pay.