11 April 2011

"It's Spring Training for Us, Too..."

I finally went through and edited my photos from the Twins vs. Braves exhibition games.  Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that we had some pretty solid seats, I was unable to get more than a handful of decent photos.  I've been re-learning how to use my camera (shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO, etc.) and I finally got the photos to look the way I want them to look... but not until the second home game of the season.  And yes, I was a total amateur/n00b before, and I used the pre-settings on the camera.  I think my photos look better now...

Right.  That's neither here nor there.  You're not here to listen to me talk about my camera settings.  You're here to see the results and maybe read some little vignettes.

And here we go.

So this is one of the photographers that work at Turner Field.  He asked to take our (Lauren and my) pictures, but we refused.  Thing is, they have to take a certain amount before they leave, and they don't make very much.  So if you don't mind your picture being on the photo website thing, then you should definitely get your picture taken.  :)  He was also nice enough to smirk for my camera for when we took his photo.  

29 March 2011 Photos
Not very many photos, I'm afraid.  They all turned out blurry or too dark, etc.  This was the day when the seven relievers in the bullpen pitched.  Here are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head (not in order):  Cristian Martinez, Tim Gustafson (PARKVIEW ALUM, BABY), Peter Moylan, Eric O'Flaherty, Craig Kimbrel, Jonny Venters, and.... crap.  I can't remember.  Number 96.  

The Braves were down a few runs, if I remember correctly, and JC Boscan was used as a pinch hitter... and he drove in the tying run!  I was beside myself with happiness when I heard them announcing his name.  And the thing was, I remembered thinking to myself, "Who is Fredi going to use to pinch hit?  We've used everybody already... JC?  Nah, he's probably already in Gwinnett..."  But, lo and behold, they announced his name!  Anyhow, Mario Gomez hit a pinch hit walk-off 2-run home run.  It was beautiful.  

Jonny HugAttacked Tiny Matt Young.  Awesome, right??

Beardy Rossy:  the best kind of Rossy.  :D

We were in the outfield.  I was too busy cheering.  And I was way way way excited.  So game pictures were TERRIBLE.  Lauren got some good ones though.  As usual, I'll include a link to her corresponding post.  And no, I didn't get any good photos of Joe Mauer or Danny Valencia, before you ask.  It's too bad, but that's just the way these things go sometimes.

30 March 2011 Photos
In contrast to the exhibition game before, I didn't get any good BP photos.  In fact, I don't think I even made BP that day... whoops.  Brandon Beachy and Rodrigo Lopez pitched.  And JC Boscan caught the whole game.  Did I mention that I think he's wonderful?  Because I really do.

Anyhow, I met friends Lauren, Chris, and Bun there.  Bun is a Yankees fan (who grew up in the Bronx; I don't care) who I like to give a lot of crap.  HE EVEN WORE HIS YANKEES HAT TO TURNER FIELD.  SACRILEGIOUS.  And Chris is a Chicago White Sox fan, but not a huge baseball fan--this was her first Braves game.  I hope she keeps going to games with us.  Bun, too.  But no Yankees gear this time.

Strike a pose, Fweddie!!


Justin Morneau

Take your base, Nate

Joe Mather, Chris' new favorite Brave

JC with all of his angry red gear.


I think it's pretty obvious which players are my favorites.  I try not to play TOO favorites, though.  

ED LUCAS!  Love this guy.  Did SO well during Spring Training!

Smiling Kimmie
Lost this game.  Not to worry though.  We got to see some spectacular plays, some socks up (that weren't Jonny), and just... baseball.  Sweet, sweet baseball, how I've missed your columns of stats, your bajillion games a day, the freshly cut grass... the cracks of the bat, the whooshes of the balls...  Now let's make the most of it.  

LAUREN'S POSTS:  Game 1 and Game 2.

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