21 April 2010

Atlanta with the Double Smackdown

I'm so proud of my babies.

I decided, as I had stated before, that it was necessary to go to NBA Playoffs Round 1 Game 2 of the Hawks/Bucks... So my friends Thomas, Lauren, and John (who also contributes to this blog) went.  After fees, it was 7 dollars... ridiculous.  For a playoffs game?  What insanity.   (fees are about 4 dollars or so; the ticket itself was cheaper than fees.  which I find just ludicrous.)  I hadn't been to a Hawks game in over a decade and I was ultra excited, especially since I had never been to Philips Arena before.  The last Hawks game I attended was at the Omni... we played the Bulls (sans Michael Jordan, but... Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman were there), and we crushed them miserably.  The dancers had some seriously ugly silver boots on, but, hey, more power to them.  Everything seemed way shinier and louder; there were flashing lights everywhere.  There were dancers and music and lights and whatnot.  The crowd was pretty crazy.

Atlanta won by 10 points.  There was never actually a single moment in the game in which the Hawks were not leading.  It got as low as 2 and I think as high as 16.  Excellent performances, even if I was a bit scared of where we were sitting; I have very bad balance, and we were very very high up.  I love Mike Bibby's socks.  I also love that he wears number 10, which was Mookie Blaylock's number.  I also love that he has the same initials Mookie Blaylock.  :D  Also, the slam dunks, whaaaat??  Sick!  Josh Smith, out of control.  I even got to see Zaza, but no "NOTHING EASY!  NOTHING EASY!  WE'RE GOING TO GAME SEVEN, BABY, WE'RE GOING TO GAME SEVEN!  GAME SEVEN!  GAME SEVEN!  GAME SEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!"  :P  I think I'll survive, but that would have been FAB.

Oooh, and John let me wear his Mookie Blaylock jersey.  (Thanks, John!)  Some guy at the MARTA station said to me, "Now that is an old jersey!  How long have you had it!?  That's got to be at least 10 years old."  :)  The Hawks are now 2-0 against the Bucks.  Yay!!

John, Thomas, and Lauren at the Hawks game.  <3

I was, of course, every time there was a time-out, checking my phone to see how the Braves were faring.  Let me just say that I did not like what I saw.  You can imagine my surprise and dismay when I saw that Peter Moylan was pitching, and it was only the 5th inning.  The Phillies were already on the board to the tune of two runs, and Kendrick (who entered the game sporting an ERA of 17.47) had only allowed two singles and a double.  WHAT?  And my Tommy Hanson was already out of the game?  What happened?  I had no idea, but I was agitated as hell.

By the time I got onto MARTA with my buddies, the euphoria of having won the Hawks game was starting to wear off a bit.  I am a baseball girl, through and through, after all.  And the Braves are my babies.  I checked the At-Bat app again:  7th inning... and the score was now 3-0.  What??  :(

I was admittedly starting to feel a little desperate at this point.  This is the Phillies, after all, and we couldn't lose to them.  We just couldn't.  For one thing, tomorrow's game against Halladay will be the most difficult one to win.  For another, the Braves had to win alongside the Hawks so that it could be an "Atlanta, baybeh-BAYbeh" celebration, you see.

Even though Kris Medlen gave up a run in the 7th, he came back out in the 8th and pitched perfectly.  Three men up, and three men down, striking out Jayson Werth while he was at it.  (Speaking of Jayson Werth... He is mega hot.  It's annoying.  He's not allowed to be hot.  He's a Phillie!  :P  Also, his "mugshot"* is awful; looks like a total douchebag.)   We still failed to score, to my dismay as I was frantically checking my phone for updates.  I tried to look at Twitter and Facebook for ideas as to what could have happened.  No dice.  All I found was that the Atlanta crowd had been booing Troy Glaus.  Booing!  What in the world, Braves fans?  Since when do you boo your own??  AGITATION.

Top of the ninth (I was still on MARTA/en route to T&L's apartment), Jesse Chavez comes out of the bullpen.  No worries, no sweat.  Took care of business, and now it was up to our boys.  And for the second game in a row, the Braves are behind in the 9th inning, and they are sending in Martin Prado, Chipper Jones, and Brian McCann.  Of the three, only Chipper made it onto base... and that was because he was walked.  Troy Glaus got up to the plate, apparently to a chorus of boos (wtf!!  who boos their own?  WHO??  I wish I hadn't seen that on Twitter), and promptly issued a STFU 2-run homer.  And the game was suddenly not so hopeless anymore!  That Jason Heyward kid, don't know if you've heard of him, but he delivered a homerun as well.  And the game was tied!!  Yunel ended up grounding out, but it didn't matter.  We had tied the game, and it was going to extra innings.

So BWags got out there and made short work of the three Phillies facing him (INCLUDING Ryan Howard, who struck out swinging... oof, Billy!!).  And then?  Nate "Mighty Mouse" McLouth was at the plate.  Five pitches later, there was a ball shooting through the air towards right field, sailing over the head of Jayson Werth and into the stands.

BRAVES WIN.  What a come from behind win!!

AND!  ATLANTA had won on both the basketball and baseball fronts.  What a night to be an Atlantan.  :)

Note:  I am so glad that Glaus hit that homerun.  And the people who booed him are jerks.  I hope they all feel like jerks and that they personally apologize to T-Roy.  hmmph!!  And good for Troy.  You show'em!  :)

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