19 April 2010

I've Got a Fever...

And the only way to cure it is a visit from Doc Halladay.

All right.  So that was lame.  I was trying to reference the video game Bayonetta and make a doctor joke at the same time.  It failed.  Sorry.

But, oh, ho, ho... what an interesting turn of events!  
Bryant alerted me to this by tagging me on Facebook.  <3 B.

It's now Halladay vs. Hudson on Wednesday, now, rather than Halladay vs. Lowe on Thursday.  J.A. Happ will not be pitching; he will be missing at least one start.  That also means that Moyer will be starting against Lowe on Thursday for the series closer.

I don't know, you guys... this is looking pretty good.

  • Tuesday:  Kendricks vs. Hanson.  We are so set, it's not even funny.  Tommy's going to kick his ass.  He's going to take names of all the "Philthies," as John calls them.
  • Wednesday:  Halladay vs. Hudson.  OMG.  This is going to be a fantastic game, no matter what happens.  
  • Thursday:  Moyer vs. Lowe.  With the kind of support we've given DLowe, and with the kind of fastball Moyer pitches... let's just say I'm not too worried.  :P


Edit:  Maybe I should say, "... and the only way to cure it is more K'd Philthies"?  Yes?  No?  Thoughts?

Ok, I do know it's bad.  I just can't help myself.  ;D

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