20 June 2010

Cardiac Braves

So the Braves continue their trend of late-inning heroics.  This definitely makes for exciting highlights and game-watching, but it is also quite stressful.  We blew a 4-0 lead and turned it into a 4-5 game, and it was very frustrating.  Luckily, both the offense and the bullpen did and incredible job of bailing us out.

The only problem here was this:  While the offense showed up today, Kawakami simply did not have his start.  He still has the least run support and this is still a legitimate concern, but he did not do anything to help himself today.  There were control issues, and I think he was just as frustrated as anybody by this outing.  However, I still don't want to hear these "he sucks" comments, because he does not.  The numbers do not lie.  His last 6 starts (excluding today), he's had a 3.00 ERA.  That is a solid ERA by any standard and I dare you to argue with me.  Pitchers have bad days, too.  He has not been pitching poorly, and he has been matched up with the aces of other teams time and time again.  And yes, there have been mistakes.  But the offense were no help, usually.  Or he would pitch a solid game, only to have the bullpen blow it and take the win away.  These are all things beyond his control.  Today, admittedly, he was not at his best.  But I will defend him for as long as he is a Brave because he's a solid pitcher.

Shout out to Troy Glaus hustles his butt off.  J-Hey and Chipper with the base stealing.  Omar with the great defense and offense.  Hinske with that perfect double.  He's so awesome.  We have to keep him.  We have to keep Glaus.  Please let's keep them.  I love, love, love them.

Meanwhile... Doc lost today.  I'm really confused.  On the one hand, I'm really really glad the Phillies lost because that is beneficial for the Braves.  On the other hand... I adore Doc.  He's perfect.  (I forgot to make a post when he threw his perfect game against Josh Johnson and the Marlins... Johnson being pretty dominant, himself.)  Actually, every NL East (except the Braves and the Marlins) lost today.

Ok, I'm tired of typing and I've got actual work that I have to finish by midnight.  Next post, hopefully, I will upload some pictures.  They're not very good because they were taken on an iPhone... also, I was sitting in the nosebleeds for pretty much every game I went to this year.  But that's ok.  Because I love the Braves.

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