18 July 2010

Unfair Accusations

With some fightin' words floating around to the effect that Venters apparently threw at Fielder on purpose and missed, and then, after being warned, threw at him again, let me simply say that I will more than a little bit annoyed if any of the Braves are plunked today. Revenge beanballs are one thing when it's clear the pitcher was being sour about a home run he gave up himself, but if it happens today, it will be petty and ridiculous. Doesn't Venters deserve any benefit of the doubt whatsoever, considering he didn't even give up the home run to Fielder and that he knew he'd be tossed if he pegged him? Quit whining, Brewers; you're making something out of nothing.

Game's starting, so good luck to Derek Lowe!


Söck Eat said...

All that said, we didn't need to be booing Prince Fielder. Bad taste, people.

Alison said...

Evidently, Bobby took the time to clear the air with the Brewers manager, and all is now good. However, I agree... I disapprove of our fans booing Fielder. It's one thing to boo bad calls and to boo the pitchers repeatedly plunking our players... but it's another thing to boo someone who has every right to be upset.

Söck Eat said...

Good for Bobby, then, and I'll just throw it out there that none of the beanballs today looked at all malicious.