26 June 2010

Marriage Proposals, Among Other Things...

Few things I wanted to note:
1.  I love you, Kris Medlen.  You are so excellent.  So VERY excellent, and adorable and if I didn't feel like I was somehow robbing the cradle because I think you're younger than my middle brother, I might try to marry you.  Just saying.

2.  There are rumors flying around about the possibility of Yunel Escobar being on the trading block, as it were.  I don't know how much truth are in these rumors, but I cannot voice my disapproval enough.

3.  How about that Billy Wagner, eh?  400th save of his career, notched with strikeouts, too, thank you very much.  As much as I miss Gonzo and his crazy cobra sway?  There is nobody like BWags.  :)

4.  Speaking of career milestones... BMac's 100th career homerun was last night as well.  Meddles is just a lucky guy... what a game, for him.  A BMac homer to back him up, and BWags to preserve the lead for the win.

5.  Tonight is Kawakami's night.

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