25 June 2010

For Laura

My friend Laura is going to the Diamond Gala on Sunday night.  I cannot even tell you how ridiculously jealous I am.  Because I am RIDICULOUSLY envious.  So she wanted a crash course on who to propose to... which would be great for me, because then someone can introduce me to Martin... or Eric O'Flaherty... yum.  

This is, obviously, by not comprehensive.  Also I make no promises that any of these guys are single.  But most of them are cute.  :)  Of course, I'm a huge fan girl.  I have a crush on most of the team.  I pretty much love everybody on the team, although I'll admit to not being Chipper Jones' biggest fan.  But as long as he is productive for the Braves... 

Braves Hotties
  • Troy Glaus -- He has the worst mugshot ever.  He looks awkward and... awkward.  But Laura... he is ridiculously hot.  
  • Eric Hinske -- So, I think it's his smile, here.  I'm not sure about his chin-thing... but he's just so smiley.  
  • Eric O'Flaherty -- I think EOF and JJ are the only two Braves with decent mugshots.  EOF's looks like a yearbook picture and JJ just looks like a mischievous kid.  EOF, though?  super hot.  Check out Braves Love (link on sidebar) for pictures of him.  Those eyes... 
  • Matt Diaz -- This guy in a suit is totally GQ.  And he's super nice, to boot!
  • Tim Hudson -- Ok, so he's married.  Ok, all of them, except EO'F are married (and he's got a girlfriend he's evidently fond of mentioning).  But that doesn't mean we can't drool.  Just... no touching.  Off limits.  ;P

Braves "Doorbells"
  • Kris Medlen -- Kris is one of my favorites.  I'm well aware that he's probably much bigger than me, he looks so small compared to the other players, and I want to put him in my pocket, and then just squeeze him whenever I want a hug.  Oh and pinch his cheeks.  He's so precious!  
  • Jair Jurrjens -- Can they get any cuter than JJ?  The crooked smile.  That's all I'm sayin'.
  • Martin Prado -- aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!  I want to marry this guy.  He's so aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!  Nice smile, too!  And has all sorts of "secret handshakes" with the team.
  • Yunel Escobar -- Ok.  Yunel just makes everything look easy.  And his picture on the Jumbotron when he's up to bat is the most "doorbell" picture ever.  
  • Omar Infante -- He's sooo handsome.  And one of the best things that has ever happened to our bench.  He can play 2B, SS, 3B, RF, CF, and LF.  Talk about versatility.  And he's not bad with the bat, either!!  :)

Also, if you keep a look out, you MIGHT see Javier Lopez, who is/was, like, the hottest Brave of all time.  Seriously.  The man is just... *sighmeltpuddle*.

Other Braves to look out for:  Jonny Venters (LHP, reliever), Brooks Conrad (utility infielder, walk-off Grand Slammer, pinch-hit extraordinaire), Billy Wagner (BAMF).  :)

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