27 June 2010

I Don't Like Commentators.

And yes, admittedly, I do think that Chip Caray talks too much and doesn't cheer enough for the Braves.  Sometimes, he practically cheers for the other team.  I find that really annoying.  But I do not like the SportsCenter ... voiceover commentaries when they are recapping the games.

Particularly the woman who, while recapping Leyland (Tigers manager)'s ejection, said, "He's had it with these umpires, after knowing that they blew the Tigers' win yesterday."  (Something to that effect, it's not verbatim, and no I did not inject my own bias into it.)  Like I had mentioned before, I AM one of those rabid unreasonable fans when it comes to the Braves.  I will grudgingly admit to good plays when they are made against the Braves, but I'll hate the player who made them (SHANE VICTORINO, I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU).  But here, I think I am justified in my fury.  See, she assumed that because it was the top of the ninth, and Braves bullpen had loaded the bases for the Tigers, that the Tigers would naturally have won.  But what she neglected to mention that while, yes, the call that had Johnny Damon "strike out looking" should have been a game-tying walk, there were already 2 outs.  And lest we forget, Craig Kimbrel had gotten into a kind of a similar situation, and we still managed to get out unscathed.  So even if the Tigers had managed to walk home the tying run, and then score one more before we got out of the jam, the Braves, then, still had at least 3 batters to then either even the score or walk off with a win.  And this insufferable ludicrous woman with her smarmy sportscaster voice dared to make it sound like that the umpires, as crappy as they were, TOOK the win from the Tigers and GAVE IT to us?  

Kiss my Atlanta ass, lady.  You better hope I never run into you or find out who you are because we would have words of the heated and unpleasant variety.  

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