29 July 2010

All you need to know about the box score.

Today's pitchers for the Braves were Tim Hudson, Jonny Venters, and Billy Wagner. When you see that, it is typically a good sign. This victory was quite timely in more than one way. Tim Hudson got two wins in a row, which breaks a trend that may or may not have been meaningless, Martin Prado got three hits, demonstrating (again) why any of us who thought he was in a slump are morons, Billy Wagner got out of his streak of blown saves (only two, but it seems he only does it in small spurts,) and the Braves bounced back from getting shut out by Strasburg's replacement, which is especially important because the Phillies are surging (there's a big surprise). But those three pitchers I mentioned at the beginning are a very, very big part of why this Braves team has done so well this year, so it only makes sense that the three of them contribute to a 3-1 victory to get the team back on track.

Also, Jason Heyward's successful steal of home demonstrates both his baseball instincts and his general awesomeness (especially the latter).

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