31 July 2010

Pre-Deadline Jitters

I need to modify my "heart attack" graph, I think, and add a "Thought of Martin Prado Being Injured" or "Watching Martin Prado Get Injured" bar... because my heart jumped into my throat and then dove into my stomach and then jumped back up and did some sort of cardiac acrobatics of an unhealthy nature when THIS happened.  I hope Martin is okay.  I adore him.

Also, reading Twitter is not at all helpful in instances like this.  I mean, I used to be a Twitter-scorner, and to a degree, I still am, a bit.  But for baseball-related purposes, it's REALLY useful.  How else would I know about what songs the Braves Organist is going to play for the opposing team when they play Atlanta?  Or how else would I hear about Jose Bautista pick-up lines (my favorite is "I know Yunel Escobar."  It'd work on me.  Of course, he could probably just look at me and I'd faint, straightaway) or other fun Jose Bautista facts (such as "Chuck Norris' beard cries every night because it isn't on Jose Bautista's face")?  How else would I find out that Martin's x-rays were inconclusive?  Or MLB is having a hat giveaway?  This is all very useful information, dang it, and it feeds (fuels?) my baseball addiction.

But... back to my point... NOT helpful.  I'm worried and nervous for my boys, to whom I've grown very attached.  There are rumors of Jacoby Ellsbury (as I mentioned on Twitter... Braves Hot Factor would SKYROCKET... and the Braves Hot Factor is already pretty high), of Kelly Johnson (as much as I would love that...), of Cody Ross (no, thanks.  He's a good player and all, but I am comfortable with Hinske and Diaz; we all know we're not going to trade away a switch hitter, & Natey's numbers aren't so hot/enticing... that leaves Blanco, Hinske, & Diaz.  Hinske is a WS good luck charm, Diaz is on fire, and Blanco?  YOU MAY NOT TOUCH THE VENEZUELAN TROUPE, FRANK WREN, I SIMPLY WILL NOT ALLOW IT.  YOU ALREADY TRADED AWAY YUNEL.  YOU'VE ALREADY FORMED THE TROUPE.  YOU CANNOT RIP ANOTHER PIECE OF MY HEART AWAY!)...

Ahem, sorry, what was that?

Oh, yes, trade rumors.  I don't like them.  They hurt my feelings.  Although, there have been mention of Jose Bautista... and I REALLY like Jose Bautista.  But I've grown comfortable with him as a Jay, and I'd like for him to stay a Blue Jay.  If he MUST come here, though, and one of my ATL boys MUST go to TOR... there are worse things.  At least both the Braves and Jays are my teams...

IN OTHER NEWS THAT IS NOT (necessarily) TRADE-RELATED (please note my elegant and subtle transition.  Sorry.  I'll work on those):
1.  Jonny Venters' four game suspension was rescinded ENTIRELY and his fine reduced by MLB.  A wonderful development, I think!  As if Jonny would ever intentionally throw at someone.  As Lauren of Brave Love mentioned (and she's met the guy), he's got no guile, and I absolutely believe it.  As if the Braves even have a player on the team like that!  At most, we get revenge-K's, not revenge-plunks!  There is no purpose for plunks!

2.  Speaking of plunks, I sincerely hope that K-Meddles (aka Boomer) is ok.  I know Cueto didn't mean to hit my boy, but I'm still annoyed, given that he batted from the right for a reason...

3.  JOSE BAUTISTA GRAND SLAM.  This is what Craig said to me last night:  "gosh, Alison, I don't know why you seem to think Jose Bautista is so good.  He didn't even hit more than one grand slam today!"
Alison:  "Hehe, I may have to propose marriage to him toooooo!"
C:  "Alright, you just stay away from Jason Heyward.  I swear he's just in the closet; ergo, he's mine."
As long as Craiggie doesn't try to compete with me for Martin, we'll be all good.  Otherwise, I will crush him. <3

4.  Fantasy baseball:  somebody dropped Chipper Jones in my league.  Out of loyalty, I should pick him up.  But then I have to either drop a Brave or a hot-hitting Scott Podsednik.  what to do, what to do, le sigh, le boo hoo.


end noonish ramble.

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