31 July 2010

An Open Letter to Frank Wren:

I think I should go ahead and preface this post with the following message: I WILL be foul-mouthed and this will not be work-safe OR family friendly.

I know you are trying to make moves that are beneficial for the team. As a fan, I appreciate that. As much as I love the players, the team comes first.  So I will not argue about Jesse Chavez, even though some (re: many) Braves fans seem to dislike him.  I like him.  He's got some very good stuff, and I would take him over Mike Dunn. But that's neither here nor there. I won't argue about LHP Tim Collins either.  But Gregor Blanco?  Really?

You took Gregor Blanco from me?  Isn't it bad enough that you traded away Yunel?  I won't even argue with that trade.  That was a mutually beneficial trade, and it seems that both players are settling in nicely with their respective teams.  And considering that I love both teams, it wasn't as heartbreaking as it could have been.  (Yes, I'm well aware I practically threw a tantrum.  But it wasn't necessarily about the trade itself as it was about the media circus following it; re: DOB & MB.)  But did you HAVE to take Gregor Blanco?  Did you HAVE to take Gregor away from me?

I'm furious beyond words.  GREGOR BLANCO?  I couldn't fucking believe my ears when I saw Kevin Millar and whoever the heck it was breaking the news on MLB on Fox today.  I mean, why did we do this?

Here's what happened:  We DFA'd Brent Clevlen so that we could finally bring Gregor back up.  This was the expected move.  We got Wilkin Ramirez from the Tigers and immediately optioned him to the Minors (I think to triple-A).  And then, I thought we were safe... no major trades, a "fuck off we're a damn good team just the way we are because we're BAMFs."  No.  Evidently not.  Because then I hear some voice on the television telling me, after I celebrated with Craiggie about Gregor being called back up, that he had been traded with Jesse Chavez and Tim Collins.  

I am loyal to my boys, almost to a fault.  Tim was pretty good from what I heard, and Jesse IS good.  I think he has been unfairly judged, but his stuff is nasty.  (I especially like Jesse because he was so sweet to these kids during batting practice.)  But I am okay with parting with them.  But I am not okay with parting with Greg White.  I'm sorry, I just can't be.  I don't care if Rick Ankiel is hot and that Kyle Farnsworth is now an ex-ex-Brave.  Gregor is part of the Venezuelan Troupe, and I LOVED him here.  I know that he can't play everyday here because we have an overabundance of OF players.  But he is SO good.  And always with that hustle and that bright gorgeous smile, and you snatched him from me, Frank Wren.  You took him and you shipped him to the AL and I am unlikely to see him again.  

You've gutted my heart.  I know I'm being melodramatic but I am so furious.  You just HAVE to do this to me every season.  First you traded away my classmate, who has a GOLD GLOVE, for an decidedly average (but nice) player.  Then you traded away Javier Vazquez because you agreed to that ridiculous contract that Scott Boras negotiated for Derek Lowe, and nobody wanted to take on that contract.  Then you traded away my baby Yunel (who is flourishing in Toronto away from all the negativity here), and then... you take Gregor?  If Gregor doesn't start in KC, he's wasted in the AL.  

We now have the SAME EXACT situation as before.  We have a converted OF who may or may not provide some pop with his bat.  We have a minor league OFer.  And I haven't looked at his numbers yet, but I can't fathom that Ankiel will be better than Blanco.  As for Farnsworth, it's not that I don't like him.  I like him well enough; former Brave.  But you gave away 2 solid if not stellar young pitchers for a closer-turned-middle-reliever.  He just makes me nervous, very nervous, all the time.  

I've calmed down significantly since I wrote the very beginning of this post.  But I am very bitter, and I don't think I will ever forgive you, Frank Wren.  I hope this turns out to be a genius trade.  And I will love the Braves regardless.  And I still have respect for you.   But I hold grudges.  And I will not forget.  And I will not forgive.  Not for Gregor.  If it had been to Toronto, yes... but not KC.  I just can't.  I'm sorry.  I cannot understand, nor will I EVER understand, why you never seemed to factor Gregor into your plans for the Braves' future.  After he did EVERYTHING he could to show he had what it took to be in the Majors.  After the phenomenal performance he gave this season.  No.  No matter how well this trade turns out, I won't forget or forgive this slight on Gregor.  And no, I do not care that I'm being dramatic.  That's just the way it's going to be.



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