05 July 2010

Independence Day 2010 Game Pictures

I probably took ~400 pictures.  I gleaned out about 70 pictures that were pretty good... and for this blog, I've picked out some of the ones that I found particularly amusing or cool or adorable.  :)

Warming Up Photos:
Sumo Stomp Brooksy  :)

Yunel & Bonifacio making friends.  I love that big smile.

Hinske lunging

In-Game Photos:
Huddy on the mound and Brooksy at the ready
(There will be more of Huddy after I'm done editing... a lot of pictures turned out blurry... >_< )

MattE caught a fly ball, about the deliver it back...

Blanco executed a  BRILLIANT and perfect bunt, which I was too excited to catch a shot of...  But the Marlins fumbled the ball, and Gregor dove for 1B and was SAFE! 
On top of that, he moved Martin over to 2B as well.

Here is Brooksy about to get on 1B.  :)

Martin on 3B with Snitker.  
*dreamy sigh*

Hinske watching a strike... then he hit a sac fly to send Martin home.


#1 Greg White

MattE making friends with Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla


MattE taking a big swing

Hinske throwing to Brooks.  I love his smile!

Jonny Venters & Jesse Chavez, chatting

BMac waiting for the pitch while Hinske waits for his at-bat

Good-bye, ball.  Hello, run.

Congratulations and high fives all around!!  
Please note the placement of David Ross' hand.  ;D

Omar Infante, a surprise 2010 All-Star.  What a stud.  Seriously.

Hinske chatting with an unidentified Marlin and the Marlins 1B coach, while Tommy and JJ observe

Gregor, Melky, and Martin all made a dash for this pop up in shallow right-center, and Gregor slid for it, but not before it dropped.  Martin was not pleased... :(

Omar's pinch hit at-bat

More later... probably at my photoblog... :)

Edit:  Or how about now.  Because I am ridiculous and silly.

Marlins stretching.  Coghlan on his own, but I don't know who the other two are.  The one on the far right looks like he's having a blast, though.

And of course, this picture is because I am immature and still in middle school.  Hi, Hanley Ramirez.

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