19 July 2010

Today we learn how MLB makes its decisions:


"for the intentional actions of Venters after a warning had been issued to the pitcher following the first intentional pitch thrown at Fielder."

So, as it turns out, the assistant commissioner of MLB thinks that Venters intentionally threw a breaking ball at Fielder (nobody ever does that,) missed, and then threw at him again after being warned. Now, the fact that this makes no sense doesn't disprove it, similarly to the fact that just because Charlie Manuel doesn't look like him doesn't mean he isn't the reincarnated Spirit of Shoeless Joe Jackson and should therefore still be permanently banned from Major League Baseball. Not getting the benefit of the doubt from the guy he hit with a 96 MPH fastball is one thing, but getting a four game suspension from someone who's actually supposed to try to be objective about this kind of thing? My guess is that the Brewers whined enough to MLB that they just declared Venters guilty until proven innocent and then suspended Bobby Cox for, er, telling him to do it, or something? I hope they appeal this, because this is just ridiculous.

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Alison said...


So according to this, Venters has appealed. Excellent.