18 August 2010

Blues Jays Photos

As promised, I have finally sifted through my awful pictures.  I don't know why they are this bad.  Could be because there was a guy next to me who was making me nervous?  ;P  Also, I have shaky hands anyway, and I have to take several shots in order to have good results, and that didn't happen as I was busy being awed by the mastery of Brandon Morrow.  Plus... I'm better with close-ups, and not as good with long-range shots.  Not a true stalker, here.  (Hint, hint, Braves and Blue Jays Front Offices... lemmebeyourballclubsphotographerplease.)

I have very few, but I'll share them with you.  I'm kicking myself a little bit.

Pretty decent crowd at Rogers Centre SkyDome.  Wish I could have gotten better shots.  But it's ok.  Next time, I'll be better.  :)

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