28 August 2010

Preview of G-Braves Gameday Photos

I was going to stop posting/spamming, but I couldn't help myself.  I was pretty durn close to the field...  Too bad I'm too shy to ask for autographs and whatnot. 

Troy Glaus :)

Nate McLouth looks like a little kid.
The top of his helmet came up to the Knights catcher's chin.

Who hit a double, drove in a run, and has two thumbs?
This guy.
I had some camera issues while at the game... some of my photos didn't turn out--the camera told me the files were corrupted or something.  Which was annoying, because I had a bunch of "height" photos... including one of Troy standing next to Mighty Mouse.  Next time... (I REALLY hope there is a next time.  It was a cute photo, from the 2 seconds that I saw of it before it disappeared... doh.)

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