29 August 2010

I've Taken Over One Thousand Photos

I've been to 3 baseball games in the last week.  I have taken over 1000 about 1300 photos.  I have to go through and pick out the non-blurry ones.  Then I have to go through and pick out the good shots from the not good shots.  Then I have to figure out which are my favorites so that I can post them on this here blog.  Then I have to do write-ups of the 3 games.

And this isn't even a real job!  (Hint, hint, Braves... please make this my real job.  Braves-ardor is my trade.)

anyhow. of all the photos I took today, yesterday, and on Wednesday, this is, by far, the best:
Tommy & Jonny @ BP (8/29/2010)
Sure, from an artistic standpoint, there is nothing special about it.  But where are they looking?  That's right.  Directly at me, completely amused.  Look at them smiling.  They knew I was stalkin' them.  Hi boys.  :)  *finger flutter*  
For once I didn't feel too much like a tool (considering I got caught taking photos of them with a telephoto lens), but still big enough of a tool not to go talk to them.  :P  You know, with things like, "Happy Belated Birthday, Tommy!  Thank you, boys, for letting me take pictures of you."  By the way, in case anybody who knows them is reading this:  "Thank you, boys!"  :)

Martín & MattE (8/28/2010)
Look how happy Martín is!!

I'll be back soon with more photos.  Hopefully by the end of the week.


Lauren T. said...

Nice shots! Hey, wanna trade? One for one? Wait, I like both of mine and just one of yours... ;)

Alison said...

:) Either way. I'm cool with whatever.

Lauren T. said...

Maybe we could do a temporary swap. :D