20 September 2010

Nationals vs. Braves: Game 2 (14 SEP 2010)

I take too many pictures.  Especially when I'm trying to take "action shots."  And then, when I go through my pictures, I find funny/cute things that I inadvertently captured.  Then I decide I have to share it.
Which leads to finding out that I have too many such discoveries and also too many moments which I think are "cute."  However, I refuse to take back my obsession with "Bubbalicious."  If I see a bubble, I'm taking a picture of it, dang it.

But for the sake of sanity, I REALLY am going to only post at most five (5) batting practice pictures this time, and fifteen (15) game pictures.  This is my goal.  Twenty photos or less per post.  Let's see if I can do it.  Here goes.

Batting Practice:
MattE & Kimmie discussing throwing techniques?

Peter Moylan + Jonny Venters + Mike Dunn

Somebody's sleepy

Ske + Adam Dunn:  "WE ARE MANLY MEN!!"


I don't know who this is... :(

Kimmie's precious

Ryan Zimmerman Socks Up!!

"Yes, I see you, too."
Jonny makes me feel like a creeper.  :(

I've already failed in my goal.  But look!  They're adorable, all of them.  And I even resisted posting ALL of my JC Boscan pictures.  

Why do I like JC Boscan so much?  Read this article, look at his beautiful eyes, and then you tell me that you don't like him.  I'll call you heartless.  :P  Plus, I've always liked bench players and back-ups and relievers.  They don't get any attention, ever, especially if they're some guy they just called up that no one has talked about.  So, I <3 JC.

Oh screw it.  I'm posting at least one.

JC Boscan <3
That probably isn't the best picture ever taken.  But I'm working on it.  Enough of that.  Onto Game Photos.

Possibly the best photo of BMac I've ever taken

What's with that look on JJ's face?

For Laura's viewing pleasure
Dugout antics.
 Remember in the previous picture post, I mentioned something about "foreshadowing"?  Well.  Take a look at the zoomed in version of the photo above.

Tommy Hanson and his "friendly mutton chops"
 Look at that SMUG expression on his face.

Smiling Farnsworth.  I'm fascinated by this, and I don't know why.


DLowe & Company examining Tommy's new facial 'do

Jair Jurrjens.  Best photo I've ever taken of him.

Omar "Velociraptor" Infante.  Fierce and swoon-inducing.  

The boys... check out JC on the far left!!  Seriously beautiful eyes.

Bubbalicious Adam Dunn 

A strangely grim looking Kris Medlen

Just missed a Bubbalicious moment...
The above photo was taken as Adam Dunn is rounding the bases.  He hit a homerun that cleared the seats of the outfield.  Like... crushed that ball, sent it towering way over the seats and landing near the Chop House (I think that's what it's called).  The outfielders didn't even bother moving.

Our third basemen. 
JJ, after giving up a home run to Livan Hernandez

Chest pat

Brooksy <3

I <3 our bullpen.  Jonny & Kimmie look comfy, and Scotty looks cold... 
We lost, boo.  But I had fun with the ladies, Lauren and Susan!  Check out Lauren's write up about the game.  I love that we go to the same games, but have different perspectives of it.  It's neat, to me, to see what's similar and what is different about what we choose to take photos of.  :)  Her blog post includes videos of Rossy being mic'd up.  We were both amused that nobody seemed to want to sit or stand next to him while he was mic'd.  hehehe.

Also, I'll have you know that I am very proud of myself and restrained myself from posting all of my Prado photos, or only taking Prado photos.  I DO love the other boys as well.  I just love him best.  :)

As usual, I've uploaded the photos to Photobucket.  Because I had so many BP photos that I liked, I put them in a different folder as well.  That way, you don't have to go through 100 something photos at a time... just 50 something.  :)

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Lauren T. said...

Thanks for the link; I had way-fun with you too! Obviously... :D

- You always get the best pics of Jonny! ...Except the staredown, that looks like my "friend" for the last buncha games I've been to. Have they been talking about us? Ha!

- Kimmie, get off CM! Ick.

- I want to go down the line of 3B and pat their bellies - Ske & Glaus because I like them, Chipper because it would piss him off.

- There's a Lauren-sized space right there between JV & CK in the last pic, yes? ;) Why was I not there to entertain them while they were clearly SO BORED. That would be the best game ever.