18 September 2010

Cardinals vs. Braves, part 2 (12 SEP 2010)

Game 4 of the Cardinals series.  A Sunday NIGHT game, and I was surprised at the number of kids around.  My friend Tasos and I went to this game, but no BP.  And it's a good thing, too, because I took too many photos, again.  Section 118 again, for us.  Field Level seats are fun.  Tasos almost got a foul ball, too; he was protecting me in my very loopy state from balls hitting me.

We sat next to two very nice Cardinals fans (which was the opposite of true for a lot of the other Cards fans around us... :P).  I gave them the address for my blog so they can check out some photos.  I hope they still have it because I took A BUNCH.

Because this was about a week ago, I am going to have to see what jogs my memory from the photos.

Pre-game warm ups and rituals:
Skip Schumaker Jumps!!
Repeat:  Jon Jay is a cutie pie.

Martín stretch!! 
Secret Pre-game Handshake with Peter Moylan

They're friends!
Pujols, smiling in reaction to something a fan yelled

Pedro Feliz is very serious and very awesome.
Chris Carpenter + hint of tattoo

Martín Prado

In-Game Photos:

Home Run off of Huddy... :( 

I call this:  Foreshadowing.
(You'll see why in the next game day post)
Ouch, Matt Holliday

Chris Carpenter + Adam Wainwright
 Let me interject here that I love pitchers.  I love love love love love pitchers.  All the time.  Forever.

J-Hey, Doubles Machine
Look at this.  Just look this.
Two of the Venezuelan Troupe
Colby Rasmus + Pedro Feliz + Albert Pujols
J-Hey Scores!!
Gonzo missed... :(

Martín--Bubblicious all the time.
I hope that's not dip.  :P

Jon Jay and Gonzo making friends!
Mighty Mouse Nate McLouth

Melky attempting to look grim with those dimples of his,
while Ske's in the background grinning because he knows it's futile.

Freddie + Kimmie!!

Mighty Mouse Home Run


Wish I had sat on the 1st Base Line, just for this photo.
... What??

Randy Winn
Photos of people that didn't turn out that well:  Yadier Molina, Tim Hudson, Melky Cabrera, Derrek Lee, Brian McCann.  I never seem to have good shots of BMac.  What gives??  And!  My Jon Jay pictures turned out crappy, and most of my Matt Holliday pictures were unflattering.  Well.  There was one that was flattering, but you can look for it yourself in the full album.  LOTS more pictures there (PHOTOBUCKET ALBUM LINK).  If you're the couple who sat next to me, I'm sure you just want to look at the Cards pictures... I put them in a separate folder in the same album.  Enjoy!!

Braves lost.  Huddy didn't have his best stuff Sunday night, and it showed.  Too bad we lost, but at least I was with good company and managed a bunch of good shots.  :)  Speaking of Huddy, though.  It's not that I didn't take photos of him.  I did, but I didn't want to post blurry pictures of him being pissed off and snatching the ball from the air after giving up a homer.  My photos of him, like his night, did not turn out very well.  Luckily, I have several GOOD Huddy photos.  And they're posted, too.  :)


Lauren T. said...

- Craig Kimbrel looks dangerously hot there -- holy crap. (Love the gleam on the spikes, too.)

- Does Martin wear a smaller pair of pants every game, or is that our imaginations?

- I really like Chris Carpenter.

- *Keeps inappropriate / mean / hilarious comment about Ross to self* (heh)

stephen said...

Skip Schumaker looks like he's clicking his heels together in glee at being photographed.