07 October 2010

In the Meantime...

I'm still trying to crank out the posts for the last two home games.  But I've GOT to pause for a minute and say "Wow, Doc.  Wow."

Post season jitters?  Ain't got none.  So what if it was his post season debut?  Man's a beast, haven't you heard?

He is the second ever pitcher to pitch a no-hitter in the post season.  Against the Reds, no less.  But really, though.  Who are Scott Rolen and Joey Votto to Roy Halladay?  Just a couple more peons trying to get a hit off of Doc and FAILING LIKE CHUMPS.   (No, I am not a Reds fan.  Even if Rolen was a former Jay.)

And he is the first person ever to have a perfect game and a no-hitter in the same season.  Seriously.

He's not my favorite because he dominates so completely.  He's my favorite because he very intensely works for his complete domination of everybody.

And it still breaks my heart that he is no longer a Blue Jay and he plays for the Phillies now, but if anybody deserves this, it's him.

Congratulations, Doc.  You are truly the best pitcher in all of Major League Baseball.  Everybody else can just sit bow down.

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