17 October 2010

Phillies vs. Braves: Game 3 (03 OCT 2010)

The "Off-Season Blues" haven't quite hit me yet.  I suppose it's because there is still baseball to watch.  Yesterday's CC Sabathia vs. CJ Wilson game was actually rather great to watch; there was that huge build up... and total disappointment in the utter inability to prevent the Yankees from catching up after the fantastic job that Wilson did.  Words that came to mind:  incompetence, deterioration, breakdown, fiasco, collapse... oh.  And EPIC FAIL.  :P  Poor CJ.  Can't believe what I saw with the Rangers... :(

And then there's today, with the Timothy LeRoy "The Freak" Lincecum vs. Harry LeRoy "Doc" Halladay matchup.  It's going to be a good one! (This was clearly written before the game began... And we now know the result!  Did The Freak actually outpitch the good Doctor?!)

Ok.  Enough about other teams.  I still have 3 games worth of pictures to post!

The last game of the regular season was October 3.  My friend Linda worked on an ad campaign and one of the perks included games to the last homestand.  Section 104, baby.  Hank Aaron Seats are awesome.  Instead of YOU gettin' up to go get food, SOMEONE comes to you and takes your order.  WHAT?  CRAZY!!

Anyhow, of course, I got to the game somewhat earlier than the normal game-goer.  I MIGHT be a little bit nutty about baseball, I'm sure you can tell, but that's just the way it goes.  I missed BP... and evidently, all the boys were out!  I'm so sad, but at the same time, I wanted to just enjoy the game for once... and not be so concerned with taking a bajillion shots of a player, trying to catch him blowing a bubble, or connecting with a homerun.  (Aside:  I'll make a "Bubbalicious" post soon, chronicling all of the bubble shots I managed.  And I'd also like to note that I've gotten photos of 2 home runs... the photos just happened to be extremely blurry.)

Without further ado... I present to you, the last regular season game of Bobby Cox and the 2010 Atlanta Braves.


Our awesome bullpen coach, Eddie Perez!
Honoring Bobby for his 2500th win.



So, I'd like to note that Omar is facing the Jumbotron while clapping for his manager in the picture above.  Why, you ask, when Bobby is standing right behind him?  Well, because the presentation was shown on the Jumbotron, and, well... come on.  I only caught Omar doing it, but I promise the other players that were warming up on the field applauded at the Jumbotron instead, as well.  :)

Look how BA they both look!  <3
And of course you know I had to make some mention of JC... I don't care if no one else can understand why I must.  :D  Look, there he is!!

This one's for Adriane.


Our Der[r]ek L's are both Giant men, of course.  Who are both BADASSES.

What're they looking at?
No idea, since I was clearly looking at them, instead.  :P

Photo for Lauren:  Joe Blanton & His Calves

D-Lee then tore apart that Joe Blanton pitch.
Don't think Jimmy Rollins was pleased.
<3 Eric Hinske!!

I'd like to point out 2 things:
1.  B.B.'s lips are nice
2.  Meds is SUCH a babyface!!
Look at that T-Roy smile!!  Of course it'd be David Ross that caused it!
BRAVES WIN!  As a result of the Braves winning, and the Padres losing, Atlanta clinched the National League Wild Card, effectively extending Bobby Cox's career for his last postseason!  Wish I had been able to stay to watch REO Speedwagon and then watch the SF/SD game, but... my phone had died entirely, and nobody knew where I was... it was the responsible thing to go home, so I did.  I regret it only a little bit... because I COULD have seen Bobby being lifted onto the players' shoulders.  Oh well.  Too late, now. 
Again, very small number of pictures this time; just wanted to enjoy the last game of the season, so I wasn't as diligent as usual. Full album link!!  I now leave you with bullpen photos.  :D

Hi Boys!! 
Typical Bullpen Behavior
This is what I mean by "typical":  Hat-off EOF, Socks Up! Jonny, Observing Kimmie, Super Alert/Attentative JC.  :D  Also, I'd like everybody to note where EO is sitting.

EVERYBODY'S interested!!

Hat-On EOF :)

Just get comfortable, fellas!  (sorry, a bit lot blurry... )


Doesn't this photo look posed??
(Especially JC and Mike Dunn--Very School Picture Day.
And except Kimmie, who looks confused as to where he's supposed to look.)

Edit:  Had to add a picture of LINDA & ME!!

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Lauren T. said...

1. I love my FABF JB. Mostly, I love his socks. I have a thing for socks up (esp when they look like that)!

2. You got a great shot of Huddy's slight wonk eye! Love it!

3. I'd like to meet Beachy, see his face at a normal distance. Sometimes he looks really hot, and sometimes lighting isn't very flattering on him. He'll probably be here a while; there's time. (I say that now, but MattE's been here 5 seasons and I've never met him!)

4. Super-love all the bullpen shots. The second one, Mike with his water? He's always got something on/in/around his mouth. (I'm not complaining.) Love that even though the sun is beating down on them, EO still hates his hat. What's new!

5. Same pic, Jonny looks like he's hinting at a back rub. ;)