19 October 2010

Giants vs. Braves: NLDS Game 3 (10 OCT 2010)

Traffic was... HORRIBLE.  I missed BP because of family obligations and traffic.  Oh, the awful horrific traffic.  I mean, I realize that it was a playoff game, but come on!  We left in plenty of time, and still didn't make it to the stadium before the National Anthem.  :{

Because of how late we had arrived, Tasos and I were unable to meet up with John (boooooo!  /sadface).  But our consolation?  How many obnoxiously loud Braves fans were around us.  When we walked through the gates, we were handed a program AND a red foam tomahawk!  (This is why I don't buy them.)  The best part, though, was when T and I were walking towards our seats (sec 124!!!), everybody was already chopping and singing/chanting.  BEFORE WE GOT TO OUR SEATS!  In the "tunnel" area!  It was deafening and echoing and I loved it.

Just before the game started, the announcer guy told us that we were going live on TBS in about 60 seconds, and that we needed to show the entire nation that the Atlanta Braves had the best and loudest fans.  So start chopping your heart outs!  Oh, we did.  I had to left-hand it, though... gimpy.  Palpable excitement?  You got it.  "Palpable" being the key word, here.

I think we all know the results of this game.  And I've already written about my rage involving the behavior of the fans around me.  It still infuriates me to think about this game.  There was a part of me that wanted to cry (not because of the errors, per se, or even the fans' acting like dicks).  It was just... Eric Hinske had hit the go-ahead home run... and then we watched it slip away.  And I watched reliever after reliever come into the game... and I just wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.  I really did feel ill, much like I did for games 1 and 2 of the last home stand.  Tasos was actually worried (which made me feel ultra guilty).  But I was doing the hand-covering-mouth thing while he had his arm around me trying to calm me down.  Poor guy.  I was all right, really, but I did seem extremely distraught.  (And admittedly, I DID feel like crying.)  That game?  Not good for heart health.  Very stressful and disappointing and infuriating... and heartbreaking.

But since we all know this, I'm just going to post the pictures I managed to get at the game.  Considering we were maybe 9 rows from the field, you would have thought I would have gotten some good shots.  But that's not true!  Because people either don't stay in their seats during games, or are jumping up to watch exciting plays, I couldn't manage as many as usual.  Oh well.  Here goes!

Glenn Hubbard + Martin + Tommy + DLowe


Rick Ankiel's arm... 

A strangely un-raptor-like moment for Omar

Huddy pitching while his team looks on...
Poor Martin... :(

Alex Gonzalez + Brooks Conrad
Buster Posey


Wags looks tiny, even though he's normal man-sized,
next to T-Roy and Ske

Atlanta's Ginormous Pitchers

The Dugout Venezuelans:  JC + Martin

More Dugout Boys:  See Mighty Mouse on the right?  SO into it!  Also, check out all the playoff beard/stubble!!

Bobby in his familiar perch

I <3 Derrek Lee

Rick checking on Jason Heyward
Bobby hustling to the OF to check on JHey

Mighty Mouse Nate McLouth sandwiched by gigantors T-Roy & Tommy

I had to.


Lauren's convinced Cody Ross is related
to OUR Rossy.  I'm still too mad at him
to even think about that right now!  ha

Full album link.

Tasos, by the way, is one of the best people ever.

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