25 March 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Next week, there will be two exhibition games at Turner Field.  And yes, I will be going to both of those.  What of it??

I realize that I've been mostly absent for the last, oh, I don't know... month.  You miss me?  ;)  But rest assured, this blogger is alive and well... she has just been busy.  Busy with school, with family, and with life in general.

I HAVE been paying attention, though, I'll have you know, dear readers.  I have the Twitter, you see.  And while I know that I don't diligently tweet, that's where most of my updates, baseball related, have been recently.  But now, baseball season is about to begin, so you can expect more regular updates.

And with the start of baseball season, my fantasy baseball teams....!  (Oh, yes, that was plural.  We'll see how long that lasts.)  I'm part of a fantasy baseball league, with a bunch of friends, called "Craiggie's Pink Batting Gloves."  [If you remember, Craig used to guest blog here sometimes.  I anticipate some more of that this summer.  You can see all of his posts under the label "CraigPosts."]  I'm also supposed to be part of the Braves tax league.  We'll see how it goes; it may already be full.

Either way, these leagues are very Braves friendly, one could say, I suppose.  That is, most of the people in the league are discriminating Braves fans--"Screw everybody else, they all suck, Braves rule!!"  I predict a fight over the Braves players, regardless of actual rank and whatnot, and if any of you mofos touch MY Martin Prado, you're gonna get some hell.  I know where most of you live!!!  Sheesh, and my Blue Jays aren't even going to be safe... Mr. Andrew from Richmond Hill is going to be in Craiggie's Pink Batting Gloves, and he's a Jays fan, and he knows them better than I do.  I've been given instructions by Ryan, also of Richmond Hill, to kick Andrew's ass.  We'll see.  I'm still more of a sentimental player than a cutthroat player.

Anyway, for more diligent and interesting blogging, you can always go see Braves Love's blog.  Photos, news clips, etc. galore!  All from a female fan's perspective.  Me?  I'm just trying to find a way to keep from annoying my friends with my obsessions!  I'm not very diversified in my obsessions, you know.  I like the Braves, Blue Jays, Josh Homme, Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, CAKE (the band, not the food), Wong Kar-Wai, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, David Tennant, Tadanobu Asano, the films Amelie and Survive Style 5+, and candid photography.   oh.  And food.  And sleep.  And writing.  just not right now because writing = papers to turn in for a grade, at the moment.  Baseball.  Music.  Writing.  Photos.  Food.  Artsy/depressing/whimsical/wuxia/foreign films.  Sleep.  And... my addiction to the internet.

Right.  Back to my original point.  I'm sorry I ramble so much, y'all.  Not a mark of a very good writer.  I'll be better about it, promise.  ANYWAY.  I have three games lined up (already!).  I've missed baseball.  Baseball off-season is the worst season.  The only reason I don't like pre-season is that it's a tease... and also, there's pollen EVERYWHERE, because I live in Atlanta.

Right, right, the games.  On Tuesday, Lauren and I are going to be sitting in the outfield, where I will most likely be suffering from hay fever (and not Hey-fever; eh, eh?  see what I did there?  /lame), and making friends with the ushers.  Come out and see us!  I'll be the Asian chick with turquoise and purple highlights, swollen red eyes, runny nose, no make up, thick glasses, and probably a big camera.  ...on second thought, do I really want to be seen in public like that?  Egads.  Especially because the next day, I'll be right there again... at noon... after a night game.  On Wednesday, we have field level seats, Braves side.  Again, come say hello.  I'm sure I'll be there ridic early as always, and I'll probably look the same... minus the camera.  It's going to rain on Wednesday, all day, according to Weather.com, and that camera is my baby.

And then?  The Home Opener:  we've got seats!  Club level, above Left Field.  Not the most ideal seats... BUT!!!  we'll be shielded from rain or sun.  AND!  I get a great view of beautiful Marteen.  ahem.


Wardrobe on Tuesday:  Prado shirt!
Wednesday:  who cares, I'm gonna be rained on... le sigh.

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