18 April 2011

Phillies vs. Braves, Game 2 [09APR2011] -- BP

 I'm exhausted... so I'm going to try to do this quickly as possible.  The photos I present to you today are from batting practice for the April 9th game against the Phillies.  Lauren, Molly, Cori, and I all sat together during batting practice... let me just say that while sitting too close to the field is possibly hazardous to your physical well-being, it is also a lot easier to take better photos.  By the way, the Molly and Cori Batting Practice Commentary show was AWESOME.  I love those girls.  Come back to visit, soon!  We have so much more baseball to watch!

Here we go...
Eddie:  "Then they twist the thing with the other thing and pull the whole thing off."
Meds:  "Ugh... really?"

JC: "Now, see here!"
Rossy:  "... Well.  Fine."

Our "shorties"  :)

Antonio Bastardo, Phillies relief pitcher
Boy, did he do a lot of running.  And boy, did people stare.  :P

Are these both Joe Blanton?
I ask if the above are both Joe Blanton... because the body types are the same.  And the calves look the same.  But why did he go change into his not-BP-uni after he'd already been out in his BP uni?  These are the things that I want to know.
DLowe.  What.  A.  Boss.

Mmmmmarteen... <3

Buds:  Kimmie + EOF

Running partners:  Huddy + Linebrink
Ok.  Mr. Linebrink's hair reminded me of Cute Dads from the Lawrenceville Braves Caravan.  Rad.  For real.

As if you really needed more things in your pockets.
Craig Kimbrel does not need to put things in his pockets.  I simply cannot fathom how he is able to fit a bottle of water (YES I KNOW IT'S A BABY DASANI, NOT A REGULAR DASANI, BLAH BLAH BLAH) in his back pockets.  Just saying.

Get it, Martín!

Smiley Huddy 
This happened a little while we (Molly, Cori, Lauren, and I) were discussing whether or not Molly should shout "Roll Tide!" at Huddy.  Not sure this picture picture would have happened if the decision had been made to shout it... :P  However, I'm sure that shouting it at Kimmie (especially because Molly is so adorbz) would have gotten a smile out of him... bigger than the one below.

Does he not just look so damn pleased with himself?
Love it.
Possibly the BEST Jonny Venters pic
I've ever had the pleasure of snapping.  <3


Kimmie:  "Psst.  Whatcha lookin' at?"
Jonny:  "That one.  The one with the lens."
This is what I think they think when I get caught pointing my camera at them... sigh.

This happened.

So, Lauren called to my attention that Peter Moylan appeared to be cheerleading.  OBVIOUSLY, this needed to be captured on camera.  But when I pointed my camera over there, I saw Kris Medlen.  Waving his hat.  As if to accept the applause of an audience that only he, Tommy Hanson (coughwhoneedsahaircutcough), and Moylo could see.  LOVE.

Hi Meds.
FYI:  That wave isn't Miss USA/pageant enough.

Wish I could see the sleeves, Moylo... 
 And then it was time for Phillies batting practice.  I snapped a couple photos, and then I stopped caring because my stomach started to growl.  I'm rather grumpy when I'm hungry.  And by rather grumpy, I mean, I start to get downright irritable.  So I demanded that we find food to eat.  The Joe Blanton photos are the ones during Phillies BP.  Bastardo was running during Braves BP.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Right past all four pairs of our female eyes.  Yes.  That did happen.


Our awesome pitching coach Roger McDowell.
Is that not the biggest smile?

Brandon Beachy's How to Pump Yourself Up Before a Start

Look at him half-strut stompin' over to the outfield towards the bullpen.  So in control.  LOVE it.  PS--This is about when Jennifer magically appeared out of thin air!  Molly, Cori, and her brother Ryan were in the outfield, but Lauren obtained 3 tickets from friends (hi Ch) which J and I laid claim to as well... Yes, please.  Thank you.

BMac:  "All right.  This is the game plan..."
Beachy:  "We've got this."

Gwinnett County Represent!  Brian McCann


So anything that I combined into one picture, or, in the case of Brandon Beachy, made into a comic can be found as individual photos in the Photobucket album (which I have yet to upload; I'll provide the link when I do).  Lauren's post about this game is over at Braves Love, which was, as usual, written in a more timely manner.  She also remembered more details from BP... and the game.  I don't remember much these days... Yes, yes, I'm behind.  I know.

Also, please note... that I only posted TWO (2) Martín Prado photos.  Look at the restraint that I showed!  You should be VERY proud of me.


Lauren T. said...

1. THAT IS JOE BLANTON. You tried to argue me that day, but I know. I know Joe Blanton. I pointed at his hair and his calves and you didn't believe me, but THAT IS JOE BLANTON.

1a. (Okay, I don't know know Joe Blanton, but he's one of my FABFs and he's a member of the Socks Up Brigade. I would recognize him!!)

2. Aww, Cute Dads. I miss them.

3. You know, the plastic on the baby Dasanis is harder than the plastic on the regular Dasanis. That probably helps... integrity of the bottle and all... maintaining its shape under such duress...

4. Jonny paused. I did not have my camera out. Not like I've never gotten a picture of him, but I swear, sometimes I think they pose. ♥

5. Hi Meds. :)

6. That Moylo Mac chest bump is one of the most amazing things ever... and EO's face is sort of hilarious. "Yeah. Seen it. You'd be tired of them too, if you'd been around it for years. It gets old." ;)

MollyG said...

Love, Love, Love! You're pictures are always great and then the captions make them even better. And who says you have to restrain yourself on Marteen pics? haha I guess I'm a little biased ;)