25 April 2011

Phillies vs. Braves, Game 2 [09APR2011] -- GAME

Right.  So here is the second part of this gameday post.  Less talking, more photos.  Right.  And let's just dive right in!

After an amazing play, Chipper extends his Jazz Hands
to give props to his teammates, Gonzo and Dan Uggla.
Y'all.  Dan Uggla and his swoll arms need a nickname.  I'm nominating "Popeye."  There's even a bulge in his lip where he puts dip (disapproval, btw), which makes it perfect.

Alex Gonzalez, after his 300th career double.
I love this man's game face.  He is not fooling around.  I looked at this picture and this is what I thought his inner monologue was:  "Well, hell.  Maybe I did just hit my 300th double.  But what good does it do if no one scores me!?"  Yes.  It was one of those games... :(


For Catherine

check out that tiny kid and Eddie!  :D

Mighty Mouse Nate McLouth... striking out.

Chipper Jones (for Eric)

BMac (for all the Mac fans.  don't lie.  I know you're lurking.)

Roy Oswalt:  This is why pitching both fascinates and freaks me out.

Brandon Beachy:  This is less scary looking.
 Time for a Gonzo montage!
1.  Gauging the sun
2.  Posing for my camera, obvs.


Freddie Freeman:  "Good job, Beachy."  *pat, pat*

George Sherrill:  Mama said knock you out.
Ok, so he didn't exactly knock them out... but he sure looks like he's about to, doesn't he?  I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of a punch from him in a fight.  Looks like he puts his whole body into a punch.  O_o

And now:  Height Differences!  I present to you, first, Dan Uggla and Freddie Freeman...
Popeye comes up to Fweddie's shoulders?
 Followed by Nate McLouth and Jason Heyward.
this is why Mighty Mouse got a concussion while
J-Hey was unscathed when they collided last year.

Scott Linebrink

Action shot!  Pick-off attempt by Cristhian Martinez

Martín Prado is made of magic
So this photo is of Marteen practicing catching a fly ball.  I saw him doing this several times while the various pitchers were warming up during the game.  Isn't he just the most perfect player ever?  ::dreamy sigh::

By this point, the Braves were basically... well.  Let's just say there was little chance of us coming back.  And so out was Mac, and in was...
J.C. Boscan!
Who I adore.  There is no rhyme or reason.  Other than he is a solid, SOLID player who has been with the Braves organization forever.  And yes, he's the catcher with the pretty green eyes.  (Not that you can see that in this photo...)

And that ended the game.  I had a ton of fun, in spite of the loss.  Lauren and Jennifer are good game companions and I hope to go to more with them!  :)

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Lauren T. said...

The pic of Alex's gameface is adorbz. And I love all the jazz hands of Chipper, of course. You like how I didn't crop him out of mine, that 5x7 I gave Beachy? Heh heh.

OK, going to look at your PB album now...

Eric said...

Thanks for the Chipper picture! HEARTS TO YOU <3

MollyG said...

The picture of Eddie and the tiny kid is precious. And height difference pics are the best!

CABravesFan said...

More Mac please! (Not all of us lurk! Some of us obsessively post about how Mac is perfect and squeezable and I love him that is all) :D