10 May 2011

Marlins vs. Braves: Game 1 [12APR2011]

Tasos invited Lauren and I to a game.  I missed BP.  Whoops.  Lauren didn't.  But I still managed some decent photos, I think... 

Tommy Hanson, warming up
A shirt, fired from the t-shirt gun by the Tomahawk Team, landed in the bullpen in the middle of Tommy's session.  He paused, smirked, picked it up, and tossed it to a fan.  :)

Brian McCann, gearing up

OMarteen Reunion.  
And of course, I missed the actual hug photo.  And most of the photos I did get are blurry.  I'm a terrible photographer... :(

Oh well.  Here is a picture of Mike Stanton.
Every time I see Mike Stanton, I think that he's muttering,
"Not even a rookie anymore..."
And I swear... he always looks like he's posing.

Our awesome Fweddie Freeman
Isn't he adorable?  That is a rhetorical question.  I don't require an answer.

Smiles, everybody!

I miss Omar Infante

My other favorite Marlin:  Gaby Sanchez
I know, right.  So dreamy.

Bubbalicious:  Chris Coghlan

It's really weird to see Omar in a Marlins uni...

Middle Infielders & former Marlins:  Dan Uggla & Alex Gonzalez

Of course, there are more pictures of Martín...
why wouldn't there be?

Happy Mighty Mouse Nate McLouth

Why, hello, J-Hey!  and Bubbalicious!
Molly, Cori?  Here you go.

Running Gaby Sanchez
So, somehow, I managed to get Gaby's face mostly sharply, but everything else is blurry and moving... I thought it looked kind of neat.

Infielder meeting:  Peter Moylan is dynamite.
Fredi's telling Moylo to take care of business.  He does.  :)

Outfielders!  Martín does not participate in the stretching,
much to my chagrin dismay.  ;P

My only smiling Gonzo photo, and it's blurry

Marteeeeeeeen!  Telling Nate something

Scott Linebrink

Outfielder celebration
Of course most of these shots are blurry.  Of course.  Why wouldn't they be?  Ugh.  Anyway, I thought the moment was too cute to not include, so let's just pretend that they're sharp, shall we?  My favorite picture is #4, where Mighty Mouse is ducking between J-Hey and Marteen's gloves.

Braves win!  5-0 shutout.  Tommy Hanson was stellar, Lauren, Tasos, and I were on TV, both J-Hey and BMac homered, Gonzo put on a clinic at short (as usual), and really, our boys were just spectacular.  Check out the highlights!

Is something wrong with Omar???  :(
I noticed this in a photo... Omar looks like he's distraught or hurt, and Gaby is comforting/reassuring/checking on him?  Either way, I was/am concerned...  Also, I'm glad that Gaby's being nice to my darling, just like he promised to be.  Of course, I can't find the link now... I tweeted at him, asking him to be nice to Omar and Mike Dunn, and he said that of course he would!  Insta-love.  But since I can't find that, I'll just link to THIS instead.  :D

And no, I have no pictures of LoMo.

Nota Bene:  All the combo/collage photos will be available separately in the PB album.  :)

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MollyG said...

Love Love Love. Helloooo JHey :) And of course I enjoyed the pics of Marteen as well