05 October 2011

Good-Bye Birthday Buddy

Jordan Schafer:  batting practice, 30 JUL 2011

Do you see this picture? I took this picture the day before my baby was traded.

(Anonymous Snarky Internet Moron: “Aly, just how many babies do you have?” Me: “What exactly are you trying to accomplish by asking me this question?”)

On July 31, 2011, the Atlanta Braves traded Jordan Schafer, Brett Oberholtzer, Paul Clemens, and Juan Abreu for Michael Bourn. Last year, I would have made a post when I got the tingling sensation that I call my Spidey Sense; usually these posts would be about why we SHOULDN’T trade my boys. I sense trades, you know (I called the Yunel, Gregor, and Omar trades). This year, I’ve been so distracted, that I didn’t say anything. But I knew, y’all. That sinking feeling of dread. But I just kept hoping…

I was really looking forward to celebrating my birthday with a Brave, you know. And I waited for 2 years so that it could finally happen.

Frank Wren clearly hates me.

I found out, by the way, when I got up to go to the game that morning (I got up early, with every intention of going to BP… I did not end up going to BP). Poor Jordie was so sad. You know he wanted to be a Brave (and honestly? Who DOESN’T want to be a Brave? The ones that don’t are not fit to don a Braves uniform, hmmph!).

Wish you the best, my darling Birthday Buddy. Light Houston afire with your blistering speed, your ridiculous arm, flat-brim hat, and awesome tats.

Love, Aly.

P.S. I’m sure by now, everybody and their great aunt and their cousin’s step-uncle’s grandchild knows about Jordan’s legal issues. Which saves me the trouble of having to discuss it here. I’m just writing here, in case my Birthday Buddy ever reads this, that I’m not going to be judge-y or discuss this any further than this post right here. I don’t care what anybody thinks. If they choose to judge you, that’s their problem. You’re still my birthday buddy, and I still miss your hat and socks and tattoos and catches in our outfield. There.

P.P.S. No, I do not care what you (negatively) think about my birthday buddy. So don’t bother telling me YOUR opinion about what is going on with him; I’m not interested. You have the rest of the Internet to blab. I’ll just delete it here. So go waste your time elsewhere. That is all.

P.P.P.S.  I am slowly finishing all of my 20 unfinished posts, and also writing new posts.  This is what I will do for the next 6 months… reliving the 2011 Regular Season.  :)

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