10 April 2010

Braves and My Scatterbrainedness

Bobby Cox's ejection
That's number 154 for ya.

Also, I find that I really need to find a way to control my temper as far as internet trolls go.  Especially where baseball-fandom is concerned.  Every die-hard fan is pretty biased towards and protective of their own team and are somewhat obnoxious regarding other teams.  I'm no different.  I will readily admit that I pretty much despise all New York teams, regardless of the sport.  [I do not dislike New York though.  Just their teams.  And most of their fans.]  But there was this comment (which really should not have annoyed me as much as it had because it was just some internet hooligan) made on that video up there about how the poster loved the boos, and Bobby deserves them.

"Excuse me, what?  DIE!!!!!!!"  -- My initial reaction.  (Doesn't take much for me to lose my temper via Internet.  Usually goes from disbelief/stunned to VOLCANIC RAGE in about 5 milliseconds.  Yes, I pulled that number out of my ass, shut up, don't give me none of your lip.)

I read in this article that there should have been an interference call for BMac.  [Edit:  Found it.  WTF.  Totally was interference.  And the umpire just shook off BMac's protest.  DIE!!!]  And like any proper Atlanta fan, I am immediately enraged.  Sure, we may have had a botched ump call in our favor on Opening Day (not that it really would have mattered, because we were pretty much pounding the Cubs into the dirt by that point), but the next day, there was a botched call at first in favor of the Cubs.

Speaking of the Nate McLouth "catch," what should he do in a situation like that?  Are there rules for this sort of thing?  Are you supposed to keep your mouth shut regardless of whether the ump was right or not?  Or do you do "the right thing" and tell the umpire that "yeah... I dropped the ball"?  Of course, then again, the "right thing" could(should?) actually mean the "disadvantageous thing for the team."  Any thoughts from my zero readers out there?  (Hello Internet.)

And since I'm on a roll about outrage at the moment, how about the comments out there about Kris Medlen? I'm full of grumbles about this.  I love my Meddles.  He didn't blow the game, nay-sayers.  Billy Wagner did (and his ERA is rather alarming to see >_<).  I don't understand why everybody is giving Wagner a pass but coming down so hard on Meds.  On any other team, he'd be a starter, but because he's on the Braves, he's pretty much the "sixth starter" and he's capable and versatile.  He is a large part of why our bullpen > other teams' bullpens.  No, he does not need to be sent down to the Minors.  And no, he certainly does not need to be traded.  Jo-Jo Reyes on the other hand...

How about some positive things here?  Martin Prado and Omar Infante.  I love them.  <3 them to pieces, I say!  They're both great defensive players, and offensively speaking, they know how to connect with their bats.  I'm so glad that Prado is our everyday second baseman.  And Infante?  He can play practically any position on the field.  Oh, how I love him!

Side note:  I miss Kelly Johnson.  I was sad to hear that he wouldn't be back on the team this year.  He was my first Braves crush after I started watching the Braves again in 2005 (I watched the Braves on and off after 1998... but after the departure of Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux... well.  There you have it.  But 2005 was the year of the Baby Braves, including Jeff Francoeur--Parkview Class of 2002, represent!  And I was at KJ's first game... and I remember thinking, "Who... is THAT?").  Still, it was a touch-and-go situation for me with the Braves.  If I followed them too closely, and then they disappointed me with a loss, I took it really hard.  I still kind of do, which is awfully ridiculous.  So I sort of had to detach myself a little bit in order to keep my sanity; the Braves are a very frustrating team at times.

Evidently, now, I've decided "the hell with sanity!"  I want me some baseball!

Okey dokey, I think that's long enough for a post.  I'll write about Opening Day soon.  :)

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