10 April 2010

Fun with AIM

Alison: I have a baseball blog
Daniel: I saw
Daniel: You are pretty intense
Alison: I'm intense all right
Daniel: Also you have a bunch of labels I don't recognize
Alison: examples?
Daniel: Well mainly BWAGS and EOF
Alison: Billy Wagner and Eric O'Flaherty
Daniel: EOF is actually a common computer acronym for "end of file" but I figured you didn't mean that
Daniel: Also your blog title is cute
Alison: thanks
Alison: hahaha
Alison: well…
Alison: End of File... as in, “we're closing the file for this inning…
Daniel: heheh
Alison: because Eric O'Flaherty just shut your ass down!!!”

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Anonymous said...

I feel obligated to post a link to kill -9 for no apparent reason: