17 April 2010

Fantasy Baseball... Take One

(Originally started 16 April 2010)
I have a fantasy baseball team, named "Misfit Love" after the Queens of the Stone Age song. (It's a good song, you should check it out.) The hope is that I will CRUSH everybody in my league, but I severely doubt this will happen. Because the league I play in usually (I'm not sure if this is the same with the rest of the leagues out there) focuses on offense, I have a hard time picking players because I tend to focus on defense. Plus, I just want to staff my entire team with Braves, Jays, ex-Braves, and ex-Jays. And also, Ichiro and Podsednik. (It is because of Scott Podsednik that I managed to even score any points for Monday... ugh. That horrific, horrific day.)
I'm allowed to have 16 "players" (one or more of which can be a pitching staff), and currently on my team, I have:
  1. Atlanta Braves (P)-- I also had the Blue Jays, and dropped them in the first week. Am beginning to wish I had kept them... but let's face it... I wasn't going to trade in the Braves pitching staff for the Jays pitching staff, like... ever.
  2. Brian McCann (C)--He's BMac. 'Nuff said.
  3. Martin Prado (1B/2B/3B)--2nd in the league as far as AVG goes. Consistent offensively, and excellent defensively... can't sing enough praises
  4. Yunel Escobar (SS)--All right, so his OBP isn't that great at the moment (not bad, just not great)... but this guy is AWESOME.
  5. Jason Heyward (OF)--Haha, that's right! Read it and weep. (Of course, I accidentally forgot to put him on the starting lineup in time for Opening Day... ::sob::)
  6. Matt Diaz (OF)--he was amazing last season, but platooning this season... I may actually have to bite the bullet and find an everyday player?
  7. Omar Infante (2B/3B/SS/OF)--Utility player extraordinaire
  9. Aaron Hill (2B)--Currently injured, but normally a great player
  10. Travis Snider (OF)--Please start hitting before I drop you kthx; never mind, you caught things, you stud, amazing.... and also hit things. I love you again.
  11. Jeff Francoeur (OF)--His batting average is the fifth highest in the league
  12. Casey Kotchman (1B)--maybe not a power bat, but... (See what I mean, when I say I focus on defense in a very offense driven game)
  13. Scott Podsednik (OF)--He alone brought in 11 of the 15 points I scored on Monday... what a BA. 6 stolen bases already, and the season has only just started.
  14. Skip Shumaker (2B/OF)--Don't know much about him, except that he was a free agent... probably gonna drop him, now that I think about it.
  15. Andy LaRoche (3B)--I might drop him, too... Couldn't get Chipper... grumble
  16. Jose Guillen (OF)--was a free agent, and was evidently on fire for the last 2 weeks... I dropped David Ross for him.
I think I need to find Eric Hinske... plans, ideas... grumble.

And since we're on the topic of "fantasy baseball," I cannot wait for Jordan Schafer's wrist to heal thoroughly and return to full strength so that he can come back to the majors. He's a center fielder, but we can put him in left field... just needs to get his act back together, don't play hurt, etc. I'm not ready to write off my birthday-buddy just yet. (Jordan and I have the same birthday... and he's gorgeous to boot. Lemme at'im!)

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