17 April 2010

Jackie Robinson Day Baby Blues~!

(Originally written 16 April 2010: Live Blog attempt #1)
Jackie Robinson Day today. Every team (as far as I know) is wearing their throwback jerseys and the number 42. I love this tradition. The Braves are wearing the baby blues, and I love them. My coworkers think it's ugly, and my friends think it looks weird... but no... they're just precious.

Quick 1-2-3 inning for Tim Hudson. I now have a huge crush on him. He looks really good in the throwbacks, and he is looking GREAT on the mound. <3

wtf, that was out out out!! ARGH. McLouth... oh. never mind. Not in time. Damn. BMac, you were close... if only you were a LEEEEETLE bit closer. Disapprove of this score, though. I liked my 3 run cushion.

(Taken from my Facebook)
Alison loving the Baby Blues! Braves crushes in full force! :D
Thu at 7:28pm

They look like Blue Jays... Oh I'm in love
Thu at 7:52pm
I love when athletes are nice to each other (like helping a member of the other team up from the ground)
Thu at 8:06pm
OMG Martin PRADO!!!!
Thu at 8:27pm
Eric Hinske! I'm proposing marriage.
Thu at 9:12pm
Saito is great
Thu at 9:17pm

The Twitter posts that accompany this game are somewhere on the right over there... you'll probably have to scroll down. I find that because I often watch the game on my own (as in, not with a bunch of friends) and while I'm at work, that I cannot just shout at the TV or scream for joy, etc. So I post frantically in-between tables instead. Of course, instead of listing the plays, I just post reactions... FAIL. :P

I will show you why I exclaimed about Martin Prado, though (how do I love him... let me count the ways... ): What a catch! And in the Baby Blues! <3  

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