17 April 2010

I Wish There Was a Font Indicative of Embarrassment

(Originally written 12 April 2010)
Yes, I know that it is only the second week of the season. Yes, I know it is only our seventh game of the year. But I am still furious. 17-2 is unacceptable. What happened to JJ? What is with all the balls? Just seemed as though he had no control over his pitches, whether it was speed or placement. Nineteen hits for the San Diego Padres, nineteen hits. And our bats were simply cold; 4 hits? Unbelievable. Inconceivable.
All right, I take it back. I am no longer furious. I'm just depressed now. Very depressed. And here I thought, "Well, even if we lost to Tim Lincecum, we'll be able to have the Padres, no sweat. JJ's got this." But no. No. And even when the Padres started scoring in what would be the 10-run inning (groan), I thought, "nah... we'll get them. I'm not worried." But they seemingly couldn't stop scoring. The runs just kept coming in, and it seemed that the Braves were utterly powerless to stop it.
And then they brought out Jo-Jo Reyes. It was too early to bring out O'Flaherty and Moylan. Chavez and Meds had already pitched the night before... so Jo-Jo is called out of the bullpen in the middle of the 4th inning, and expected to get us out of the inning.
It doesn't happen. Even so, I think this is a bit harsh. Jeez, dude. I'm am by no means one of Reyes' biggest fans, but good grief. The guy WAS a starter, and has the potential to be a capable reliever. If only he could be consistent... :( Right now, he's only been consistently bad. I hate to say it, because I don't want to be one of those fans. You know, the ones that shout "TRADE HIM" or "SEND HIM BACK TO THE MINORS" at any little thing (though this was a BIG thing). But the numbers do not lie. Granted, he was put into a bad situation. But before he was injured and sent back to Triple-A, he was an inconsistent starter at best. Hopefully, things will turn around, because he made the team over other relievers for a reason. Right???

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