10 April 2010

Posting roll!

Apparently, I can't stop posting! There's just too much wondrous baseball to talk about.

So excited. I really do need to get MLB.TV for myself. Or, at the very least, AtBat 2010 for my phone. But that would be approximately $100 and $15, respectively... and think about it. If I spend an average of about $10/ticket for a Braves game, I can go to 11 games! ELEVEN games! OR. If I spend about $20/ticket, I could go to 5 live games, and have snacks or drinks at 3 of the games. Live games are better than watching the games, hunched over my laptop or cradling my iPhone, right? Then again... I want to see some Jays action. My Babies Above the Border are 3-1 so far in the season, and they beat the Orioles, who tried to close with Mike Gonzalez (Gonzo Brave, or Cobra Brave, or Drunken Master Brave). That ERA of 18.00 is not pretty, Gonzo. Not pretty at all.

Speaking of closers blowing saves... I think I need to implement a magic baseball game rewinding app. That way, when BWags gave up that 2 run homer to Edgar Renteria, I could just rewind that moment... press pause, walk up to Billy and say, "Mr. Wagner? The change up is not the way to go. Pitch placement." Angels in the Outfield, much?

OK. So the match ups for today:

  • Javs vs. Orioles (Eveland vs. D. Hernandez). Looks like it's the first start of the season for both pitchers? Go Jays!! Hopefully they continue to be this strong for the rest of the season. :)
  • Red Sox vs. Royals (Josh Beckett vs. Zack Greinke). Beckett's 9.64 ERA looks pretty nasty right now. And I'm not sure that my love for Marco Scutaro will cancel out my desire to see Greinke win. Then again... I really love me some Marco Scutaro. Probably irrationally.
  • Braves vs. Giants (DLowe vs. Todd Wellemeyer). Derek Lowe was a liiiiittle bit rough on Opening Day, but I'm chalking that up to Opening Day nerves. We'll see. He's got a 3.02 ERA against the Giants, so hopefully that will translate into keeping them in their place... which is out. :P The bats have GOT to warm up though. I want a win! I don't like that the Phillies and the Marlins are ahead of us, even if it is early in the season.

Tomorrow, Roy Halladay is pitching, which pretty much means that the Astros have no chance. Doc's ERA so far this season is a ridiculous 1.29 ERA.

Also pitching tomorrow, and more important to me, is Kenshin Kawakami. I'm sure Bobby knows exactly what he's doing if he's matching KK up to Tim Lincecum. Again with the nagging worry, but we've gotten Timmy good before, and we can certainly get him again for the closer. :D

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