17 April 2010

Now for Today

... Which is actually now "tomorrow"... doh.  Insomnia, you know.

This time, I managed to just keep all of my "yelling" confined to one place (Twitter), rather than 3 places. :P Thoughts on the game (Rockies, 5 @ Braves, 9): 
Derek Lowe pitched pretty well, I think, and the boys played great defense AND offense. DLowe may not be a strikeout kind of a guy, but he's definitely a good pitcher, and he is backed up by great defense. The offense also came alive tonight... We handed the Rockies a 7-run pounding in the 2nd inning... which is basically where we won the game. 
I am totally in love with Eric Hinske, you guys. He just delivers again and again and again. Why isn't he a regular player again? Why didn't we sign him for a longer period of time? I know that Freddie Freeman's coming up and Chipper's not necessarily going to leave any time soon, but oh man... Hinske! He can play the corner positions AND in the outfield. And he hits! He hits a lot! <3 
Melky reminds me of a bulldog in a way, especially when he runs. Intense concentration on his face, stoic, and kind of a short neck... :) Way to drive some runs in, bud! 
And what a catch by Yunel Escobar! And how he does it so casually, too. Just another day at the ballpark, guys. No sweat. :P He's a certified BAMF. And even when he hits something, it's like, "Pfft. Don't you know? This is what I do." It reminds me of this bit pulled by Cliff Lee during the World Series; nonchalance like no other! 
No BMac tonight (which made my fantasy team scores look REALLY sad), but David Ross is more than capable, and I adore him (even if I did drop him from my fantasy team; I am trying to find everyday players that are flying under the radar). 
KMeds finished off the game with what I think was 3 strikeouts.  I love my Meddles.  

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Doc made his first start at home in Philadelphia. He won, of course, though the Phillies bullpen almost blew it in the 9th (or did blow it? not sure). He's so good. It's painful how good he is. and I still think he looks weird in red. I want him back in Blue Jays baby blues. :) Or Blue Jays whites. Or hell, the blacks, too. He looks better in blue; and I feel more comfortable rooting for him that way. 

 That's enough, now, don't you think? :P  Sorry about the flurry of posting... There were just so many unfinished things that I thought I should go ahead and finish... :)

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