17 July 2010

Actually Caught BP This Time...

But only the tail-end of the Braves BP.

I got some photos of batting practice (mostly of the Brewers) and some from the game (which didn't turn out that well because as awesome as the lens is, I was still in Section 408).

July 17, 2010:  Randy Wolf (MIL) vs. Tommy Hanson (ATL)

Possibly the best shot I took of Braves BP (and of the day, for that matter) 
before they all headed in. I'm glad that Jesse is nice. 
(If anybody happens to be a Jesse fan, this would make a decent wallpaper, I think.)

Billy Wagner and Jesse Chavez chatting 
(Oh, really, Alison?  Thanks, Ms. Announces-the-Obvious!)

Jonny Venters making friends with Jonathon Lucroy

I'm not a Lucroy fan (not that I dislike him; he's not a Brave)...
but I thought this photo turned out well.

As for this... I have WAY too many photos of Ryan Braun.  
He's too cute, I couldn't help it, I'm sorry.
But only a little sorry.

Ryan Braun, again.  
Except this time, I don't know where his leg went.

Prince Fielder, about to hit a home-run towards right-center field.

Corey Hart, HR Derby participant. 

George Kottaras

Yovani Gallardo, looking like a kid.

Gallardo, again.  He's kind of cute.

Trevor Hoffman, Teacher-in-the-Making

Hoffman quizzing the kids next to us about state capitols. 
I liked that a lot because you want to encourage kids to learn and seek knowledge, 
even if you are bribing them with baseballs in order to do so.  
Baseballs and food were always the best bribes for me.  And stickers.

I have no idea who this is.  But I thought it was a pretty good shot.

This was during the National Anthem (yes, I should have been paying attention, I'm sorry). 
But.  Check out Melky's face.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots of Terry Pendleton's son singing the anthem OR happy birthday to his dad.

Martin Prado~!  

Go on, brush your shoulders off. 
(Martin and Hinske.  Aren't they adorable?  Answer:  Yes.)

Holla! (Check out Gonzo's reaction to that)

I wish I had gotten a video of it, but my dSLR is old and doesn't have video capability.  But Martin basically went to each Braves player and did some kind of elaborate handshake/routine with them.  It was awesome.  When he got to AGon though (I haven't decided what to call him yet... AGon or Gonzo, because Gonzo was always Mike Gonzalez, to me... hmm), AGon just looked at him, and Martin was like, "Don't worry... we'll make one for you, too."

Tommy.  I think he's sticking his tongue out.

Ryan Braun... 

Prince Fielder for Lauren of Braves Love

My love, Martin... :)

There can never be too much Martin.

Ok.  More later.  This is enough for now... 

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Lauren T. said...

Great pics, girl! I got a video of almost the entire national anthem, the happy birthday, and the following hugs with TP Junior and regular TP. I should be able to post them on Braves Love later tonight. :)