17 July 2010

Know Your Geography

Nearly all of the bloggers of this site were in attendance at this evening's game, and while the result was, to say the least, disappointing, we arrived early enough to witness Trevor Hoffman quizzing some kids on state capitals, rewarding correct answers with baseballs. Apart from being very amusing and giving me a very positive opinion of Trevor, it occurred to me that celebrities ought to do things like that more often. I can tell you for sure that those kids will be very proud of themselves for having known that Tallahassee is the capital of Florida (I live there, by the way!) and that kind of thing contributes towards a positive attitude towards knowledge in general, and when it's "cool" to be smart, kids will learn more. I could, of course, be exaggerating how much of an effect this has, but I just love to see a future hall-of-famer doing something like this. On a side note, my repeated offers of three dollars for a baseball did not get me a single one; those Milwaukee pitchers were tough customers. The only thing I feel like saying about the game tonight is that I missed Yunel this evening.

Edit: Alison added a picture of Hoffman.

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