22 July 2010

First Place Feels Good

Could you speak up and stop mu-mumbling?
I don't think you came in clear
When you're sittin' on the top
It's hard to hear you from way up here

Thank you Timbaland and Justin Timberlake.

Braves rule.  End of story.  The sports media world needs to wake up.  They think the "real" Phillies can overtake us?  B!tc#, please.  Who needs "superstars" when you've got solid, consistent, and dependable?  Oh, and also, ahem, winning?  That's right.  We've got the Winning Fever, and we aren't about to give it up so easily.

Are the Phillies having an off-season?  Sure.  Does that mean we can't beat them if they were on?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Get outta here.

The Braves are back in their rightful place, on top.  We hadn't been there in a while.  Being here is like cleaning out your closet and finding that pair of jeans that you hadn't worn in a while.  They feel a little bit foreign at first, but then, you remember why you loved them:  they fit perfectly, and, damn, if you don't look good.

New updated LOVE graph.  And now back to my essays.  GO TIMMY!!  (Hope Natey does well this week.)  Also, I hope Wags gets a chance to redeem himself today.  Go Blue Jays and Yunel and Ricky Romero.  Here's to John Buck and J-Bau hitting more homers!  Here's to Aaron Hill steadily leaving the Medoza Line behind!!

PS:  The only reason that the Brewers are under the "disapprove" mark, by the way, and not at the "hate" mark, is because Ryan Braun is cute.  Also, he made that spectacular catch during the All-Star Game.  That's it.

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Steve G. said...

I agree with you on the Phils - They're overrated. Ruben Tamato has squandered most of the advantages built up by Gillick.