23 August 2010

There Are No Jinxes to Martín Love

Craig and I were discussing blogs, baseball announcers, and jinxes.  Craig accused the AJC baseball bloggers of being the worse of the jinxers.  Of course it then turned into a "I <3 Martín" rant.  :)

Alison: Oh, I do read the AJC; this is why I have my own blog.  I may not have the most up to date or fastest of news reporting.  But... considering that I'm a blogger…
Craig: you should totally have Mark Bowman's job
Alison: I'd be ok with following the guys around.
Alison: Don't know if they guys would like having a chick in the locker room while they're goofing off though
Craig: I wouldn't think you'd mind that, yeah
Alison: oh I wouldn't; they might.
Craig: it's hard for me to imagine them having a problem with you
Craig: unless they got tired of you proposing marriage
Alison: well, sometimes, guys behave differently when there is a woman around, see?
Craig: yes, that's true
Alison: and why in the world would they have a problem with me proposing?  they'd love that ****!
Craig: the first five times
Alison: In fact, I'd probably cause problems.
Alison: because they'll be like, Wait a minute, you proposed to me first!”
Alison:oh, no, she didn't... she proposed to me!!”
Alison:what?  you bastards, ME!”
Craig: none of that would probably happen though
Craig: if Prado said yes the first time
Alison: if Prado said yes the first time, I'd give him a Rosetta Stone for Chinese and get a Rosetta Stone for Spanish
Alison: and then I'd go around hugging everybody on the team
Craig: and since they're rosetta stones, you'd also both be able to read Heiroglyphics!
Alison: YES
Alison: I have all sorts of plan for lovely Martin. [Like a trip to Europe, for instance…]
Craig: hey, if I weren't actually heterosexual, or if I were female…
Craig: a trip to Europe with Martin Prado would probably be my fantasy, too

I love Martín.  

I am NOT creepy.  I swear.  

I hope he tolerates my fascination with rock musicians, though.  Because I love Alice in Chains and Queens of the Stone Age.  

Also.  Craig is a nerd.


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