26 August 2010

Nationals vs. Braves Pictures (18 AUG 2010)

Finally, I've finished editing my photos.  So when I said I was going to keep it to 20 photos, I lied.  I managed 35.  That's as few as I'm going to have; it's too hard to pick out what not to post and what to post.  Not bad, considering I took 589 photos.  I'm rather proud of myself.  :)  Oh, and if you want Bubble Gum Photos, click here... :)

WARNING:  this is a teeny Prado-centric; if you are NOT a Prado fan... well.  I don't know why you'd be reading this blog anyway unless you had some tolerance of my Prado fangirling.  Actually, you should just be proud that I didn't only post Martin Prado pictures. ;P

Mike Dunn with Hannah Montana
Are you looking at what I'm looking at?

There's nothing special about this photo...
Other than "Tim Hudson is awesome"
Ryan Zimmerman... because of Laura.

Thought Lauren might like this one.

Everybody in this photo has a funny expression.

The last time Prado's uniform is clean.

They look like they've just shared some inside joke... :)

Tim Hudson: BAMF

Gwinnett County Represent!

What. A. Stud.

Check out that intense look of concentration... spoiled by the dimple.

Adam Dunn: Part first baseman, part tree

We all know why I took this photo. :)

For Laura again.  He looks forlorn. You should cheer him up.

Ok.  Huddy is just precious in this photo.

For Adriane. Because Omar is swoonworthy

Focus-play!! Also, "ahem" for Laura.

This never gets old.  Check out Hubbard!

I just love this shot.

Willie Harris crashed into the wall so hard, he made a dent.

Ryan Zimmerman pout.

The Venezuelan Troupe.
This photo would be complete if Gregor were in the background...

Probably the most dramatic shot of the night.

*dreamy sigh*

(The only non-blurry photo I managed)

Seriously.  It never gets old.

Jonny Venters.  He looks vaguely distressed that he has to pitch again.

Martin, and his poor pinky.  This crush is out of control, y'all.


My only Rick Ankiel photo that isn't blurry

J-Hey gets ready... 

J-Hey delivers...

WALK OFF!! Check out the ups on Omar~
More celebrating!! (Look at JJ's grin)

Hinske looks sooooooo happy!


Lauren T. said...

What great pics! Thanks for sharing, Aly. :D

The photo of the staredown between Brooks and Phil Falco is cracking me up, and you know I love the catchers' chest-slap. I love them all, who am I kidding. :)

Lauren T. said...

Also, I love how it's late August, and you can see Mac's belt allll they way around this year. It's some kind of record!

Alison said...

I should upload some more photos of some dugout antics. I could probably start an album of Adam Dunn + Normal Sized Brave photos alone. I really want one of Adam Dunn and Troy Glaus (or Derek Lowe or Tommy Hanson) standing next to each other. I get the feeling that no matter what, Adam Dunn will just be bigger.