05 August 2010

Disaster or comeback? Or maybe both?

Kris Medlen appears somewhat likely to miss the rest of the season, which, of course, is very terrible news. There are viable options to take his place as a starter, but it's hard to imagine anyone matching Medlen's performance in his place. I personally hope that Kawakami is given another shot, although if he hasn't been pitching at all recently that might be ill-advised before he gets some pitching appearances to get back in shape.

But still, the Braves won the series, and you could argue this one was a must-win for momentum's sake. There surely must be at least one serviceable number 5 starter on the roster, and all the other pieces are there. What's more, Chipper and BMac had big games today, and the two of them have been relatively quiet for much of the year, especially Chipper. This could be a spark for the offense's confidence that could propel the team for the rest of the year. So, as far as the title of this post is concerned, I am presently leaning toward "both," but obviously we'll have to wait and see. But no amount of optimism will change the fact that I will be hyperventilating almost constantly until we find out the full scoop on Medlen.

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