03 August 2010

Greetings From Toronto!!

Well.  Jeff Francoeur, much to my annoyance and irritatingly, also, to my pleasure, hit a home run today.

Before I am skewered, let me explain.

I am much displeased and very put out by the fact that Jeff Francoeur hit a homerun against the Atlanta Braves.  See the rule is... he's only allowed to hit one of those when we have a 5 run lead over the Mets.  Nice and comfortable, with 2 outs.  He and I have an agreement.  You know, the type where I coax him from the stands about this rule, and when I shout it at him through the television.  But he agrees with me, I know.  It's because we went to school together.  It's an old-time's sake thing.  Even more vexing than this is that he hit the homerun off of Billy Wagner.  This is another blown save for Billy (which is perplexing).

Then again, even though the Braves lost because of Jeff's homer off of Wags (groan), a small part of me is whooping on the inside.  "That's right," says that voice within.  "Shut the haters up."  He's still the hometown boy; he just plays for a different team... and he was booed in his hometown.  That is uncalled for, and I'm glad that he at least temporarily shut some haters up.  In doing so, he violated his agreement with me, though... since Atlanta Braves must always triumph.

I'll let you have it though, Jeff.

MEANWHILE... Ricky Romero handed the New York Yankees their asses on a platter.  That's 2 games that the Jays have whooped ass on the Yankees.  Which means (I think ) that they've won the series.  I think I get to go see them on Sunday.  I'm ultra excited... :)  Yunel?  hii baby.  Jose Bautista, my new Jays crush.  Aaron Hill, my old Jays crush... and Ricky Romero... Yankee-killer.  Hopefully also a Rays killer too.  :)

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Söck Eat said...

Medlen v. Pelfrey tonight; if the Braves win tonight, that home run will be forgiven.