02 August 2010

Things, which ranged from awesome to not awesome

Awesome things included Hudson, Venters, Saito, and Wagner's performances on the mound, Hudson's double, the three-run first, which finally broke the curse of leaving runners on, expected impressiveness from Infante and Diaz, Ankiel's 2 RBIs, Chipper's HR, and, of course, the win.

Not awesome things included fans booing Frenchy (this wounded me emotionally) and a guy behind me that was heckling Oliver Perez in a very classless manner. Also, the poor drill failed yet again to win the tool race, and I suspect it's because he's the only one who hasn't been taking PEDs. I'm on to you, Hammer, Saw, and Paintbrush!

All in all, though, a very excellent game, and beating the other team's ace will hopefully be just the spark of confidence the offense needs to start rolling again. I just wish we didn't have to play the Marlins. Ever again.


Lauren T. said...

I hate it when they try to make us think the Drill has never won. I have proof! :D


I did like the hammer hammering the other tools last night on their way out, though - that was cute. :)

Steve G. said...

Why would someone boo Frenchie? The guy needs any break he can get at this point. It's not his fault that he was promoted way too quickly initially, and as a result, some GMs actually think he's a major league caliber player.

Lauren T. said...

Not just "someone" - half the stadium. Frenchy was pretty cocky on his way out of Atlanta.